Kodi Ramakrishna’s Avataram [2014] Movie Review

Cast: Kutty Radhika, Bhanupriya, Satya Prakash, Prithviraj, Rishi, Annapurna, Prudvi Raj, Ananth, Sathanna and Apoorva
Music Director: Ghantadi Krishna
Cinematography: Sri Venkat
Editing: Nandamuri Hari
Director: Kodi Ramakrishna
Avataram offers a woozy blend of spiritual and folkloric elements in a story that is ultimately all about faith and honor. Avataram is based upon a real life incident happened in Kerala. There is a spiritual bond between good and evil powers to stay in the barriers of Garula Kotta. Only when a person from Leo star sign sacrifice their life can free the good soul from the Garula Kotta. Due to two sisters sacrifice god Ankamma gets released from the nabbing. Rajeswari (Radhika) a big devotee to Ankamma from her childhood, and get married to mentally ill Prasad (Rishi). In the meantimw Karkotakudu comes to kill the Rajeswari and plans to regain control over earth. Will Ankamma save her devotee? Who is Karkotakudu and why he is behind killing Rajeswari ? Rest of the story is how Ankamma descends to earth and the takes the form to kill Korkotakudu in order to protect earth.
Kannada actress Radhika dominates as Rajeswari, she delivers an accomplished performance as Bhavani. While the character is a bit slur at times, she has a back bone so there is ample range for the actress to do more than look attractive. Veteran actress Bhanu Priya’s expressions are spot on and her appearance as the goddess is dazing. The make up and special effects spoil the show, but the performance by Radhika that life the scenes from the ground. Rishi is fine in his limited character. Satya Prakash has showcased his experience in his evil character. He should have taken some extra care on make up. Though the film has number of regular artists doing important roles and equal number of guest artists who have some stature in the industry, there is not a single performance that comes to your mind which deserves some mention (other than Radhika).
Avataram tries to prove the same point what Kodi Ramakrishna’s earlier fantasy films tried to do showcase “ There is no other supreme power than divine power and Good has always win over evil”. Neither the story has some fresh elements nor the sequences in the film look to be different. It is like an Old bottle containing some old wine. Within some twenty odd minutes of the screening you would realize something has gone wrong in this film. And the feeling continues thereafter till the last climax sequence. Everything goes wrong in this film starting from its middling screenplay to a tawdry treatment. . There is not a single point which can be spoken about the film or one particular sequence which can be remembered for its stunning narration. The sequences fail to evoke any interest in the audience. Kodi Ramakrishna is one of the top directors who are able to control the high end graphics in their films. But this time Kodi Ramakrishna fails to handle graphics, as he preferred graphics over story and commercial touch over screenplay. Even technically the film is not as sound as the previous films of Kodi Ramakrishna, with the back ground music by Chinna being the sole exception. Cinematography of the film is okay and never tries to lift the soul of the film with the camera work. Music of the film is average. Editing of the film could have been crispier as second half gets drags around 20 odd minutes. The production values in the film are fine.
After watching a film like Avataram, you will be left wondering why our so called experienced film makers turn out such destitute and bland films. The main draw back of this film is the weak characterization of the god and the evil. Avataram has no story as such as the whole narration stands on a wafer thin line. Though the director somehow succeeded in showcasing spirituality in the beginning but he failed to elevate the mood of the film afterwards. It may be like a very small story told with high-flown meaningless lines and soul-less graphics. On the whole, compared to Kodi Ramakrishna’s earlier fantasy films such as Ammoru, Devi and Devvulu, this film is the weakest among all.
Survi Review: 1.5/5
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