Bhaskara Rao Vendrati’s Prabhanjanam [2014] Movie Review

Cast: Ajmal, Sandesh, Aarushi, Panchi Bora, Nazar, Naga Babu, KotaSrinivasa Rao, Ahuthi Prasad, Benerjee
Music Director: RP Patnaik
Cinematography: T.Surendar reddy
Director: Bhaskara Rao Vendrati
Censor Certificate: UA
Runtime: 148 Minutes
Story: Prabhanjanam is really about two things, it’s about Kota Srinivasa Rao’s downfall due to an unethical decision, and Ameer’s ascendant victory. Chaitanya (Ajmal Ameer), Chandu (Sandesh), Sandya (Aarushi) and Pranita (Panchi Bora) are besties from their college time. They have different plans and paths post graduation, but things turn around when ambitionless Chaitanya joins Politics and make “Equitable and sustainable society” as his main motto. Pragathi Patham party President (Kota Srinivas Rao) enjoys his power and he is little worried about Chaitanya’s arrogance and by his extremely keen attitude towards his party. Everyone in PPP disdains Chaitanya but it’s easy to see why he gets on their nerves. So Chaintaya decides to go on the slogan of Dr. Ambedkar “Educate! Agitate! Organize!” and making voter realize the importance of voting in the upcoming elections. With his new strategies Chaitanya turns quite popular among the people and PPP quite worried about their chances of winning. How did Chaintanya win the hearts of the voter? How did Chandu & team support overachieving Chaitanya? Will Sama Samajam party come into power? forms the rest of the storyline.
Performance: Rangam fame Ajmal Ameer has strived hard to give nice performance, but he is handicapped by hapless script of the film. Aarushi has good looks but does not have the elements to carry her serious role. Sandesh is adequate as friend of Ajmal. Panchi Bora is okay her limited character. Nagababu, Benerjee and Ahuthi Prasad are middling their roles. Another Leader type character for Gollapudi Maruthi Rao, he makes a dignified presence in the film. Kota Srinivasa Rao and Ajay are wasted in the film.
Technicalities: The story is thin and interesting. In fact, the only thing that kept us from leaving the theatre was that we wanted to know how he will bring equal justice in society, but in the mean time we were forced to endure hellacious dialogue, songs that go nowhere, and minute after minute of unfunny failed attempts at politics. The director never tries to showcase the working of Equitable and sustainable society in the film, The way director tried to show under qualified students (Who just copy to pass in Engineering) get IIMs, IAS is shabby, director failed to showcase the Equal Justice in society through the film and there is no reason why Constitution of India is showed in the interval when there is no point in support to this issue in the constitution. Even the fast cuts in the climax spoil the final message in the end.  Despite having veteran artists like Kota Srinivas Rao, Gollapudi Maruthi, Nagababu and many proven artists, Bhaskara Rao Vendrati makes a mess of his job. He has also failed to extract the best work from technicians also. R.P.Patnaik who has been providing top class music in his past, comes out with a drag this time. It is Bhaskara Rao Vendrati who is totally responsible for such a shoddy narration. A good performance from Ajmal is certainly not enough for lifting the film from nadir. The Background Music in the film is loud. Camera work by T.Surendar reddy is all right. Editing in the film could have been crispier. Editor could have easily cut short the film by twenty odd minutes. Though the movie is made with decent budget, there is no element that makes this movie better.
Analysis: The first half of the film looks pallid and a bit hauled in the second half mainly because the three main artists of the film have collectively shown their lack of timing. Even the Political scenes have not been effectively shot. Prabhanjanam is a badly made, poorly directed film. Its music by R P Patnaik is also poor and even the cinematography can not be spoken about in an appreciating measure. On the whole, Prabhanjanam is just made to cash on the current political scenario in the state.
Survi Review: 1/5

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