Siva’s Veerudokkade (2014) Movie Review

Cast: Ajith, Sanathanam, Tamannaah, Manochitra, Pradeep Rawat, Abhinaya and Atul Kulkarni.
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Direction: Siva
Censor Certificate: U/A
Runtime: 158 Minutes

Movie set in a backdrop of a village, Veerendra [Ajith] with his four brothers who runs a wholesale business in the village market. Veerendra a very straight forward person never hesitate to use violence to settle even a small dispute.  A life without his parents Veerendra has brought up his four brother sacrificing his life for theirs. He never gets marries as he fear she might bring rupture between brothers and break up the family. When brother’s start falling in love realize how much their brother has sacrificed for them. That’s how they start trying to match him with Gomathi Devi [Tamannah]. After few hiccoughs they start liking each other. But thing turn around when Gomathi Devi realizes his violent side. Does Veerendra change his character for her? How will his brothers with the help of Bail Penchalayya (Sanathanam) try to patch them up? Who are Nagaraju (Atul Kulkarni) and Veerabadram (Pradeep Rawat)? Forms the rest of the storyline.

Ajith’s movie as everyone would expect, he surmounts every with such an ease. From the initial scenes he keeps scoring with every scene and his looks are perfect for this role. His romantic scenes, sentiments, aggression, stunts without dupe are howling. Tamannaah is fulgurous, and her character gets noticed well. She looks pretty in the traditional sarees and her chemistry with Ajith is mediocre. Among the four brothers Vidharth and Bala get noticed due to their character developments. Santhanam once again lifts the tempo of the film with comedy punch lines. Pradeep Rawat and Atu Kulkarni are fine in their limited roles. Movie misses a powerful villain. Nassar, Thambi Ramaiya, Ramesh Kanna also did well. Abhinaya & manochitra are wasted in a small roles.

The story can never be simpler than this one. Ajith has a happy family – Goes against the Villain, who does all the wrong – Hero can do no wrong – Goons fly like balls – Hero prevails and wins everyone’s heart – Happy Ending. Though the story is thin director Siva (Daruvu, Shouryam fame) built the sequences specifically for Ajith from the start to end. Being a Telugu director Siva used few sequences from Tollywood. Siva packaged an average script with perfection. First half of the film is pretty average, second half could have been crispier yet the director maintains the tempo by lifting Ajith character to the core. Siva deals with two complete different stories in the first and second half. Cinematography by Vetri is neat and sets the mood of being in a village. Editing of the film by Kasi Viswanathan should have been better. Especially scenes in the first half half could have been easily short by 20 odd minutes. Music by Devi Sri Prasad is one huge negative of the film. Not even one song makes a mark on the audience. The duet songs were plain. But his Background score elevates the flavor of the film. Art works are good. Stunt Siva did a fine job, Train fight sequence is better compared to others. Dialogues of the film are fine, like “Mana kuda Unna valani manam chusukunte manani devudini chusukuntaru”, “Manchi, padhi mandhi tho panchukovachu kani kastani ontariga edurinchali”. VFX in the film are shoddy. Production values of the film are fine.

Veerudokkade is a sort of different movie from Ajith post David Billa, Gambler, Aarambam. Village nativity and good bits comedy. Siva stresses a lot more on the emotional factor and family relationships. The first half of the film attempts to keep the audience copped with Different Ajith (Village Look) and funny Santhanam. The latter half is chevvied with over violence and limited fun. Director Siva has strictly made Veerudokkade for the Ajith fans and it works in his favor. On the whole, if you are to watch these kind of flicks such as these ones, Swtich off your brain to leave the logical thinking at work to enjoy.

What Is Good: Ajith Elements, Punch Lines, Family Sentiments and Background Score.
What Is Bad: Age Old Plot, Forced Songs, Strenched to Support the Leads and Slow Narration

Survi Review:  2/5

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