Ram Venky’s Nuvve Na Bangaram (2014) Movie Review

Surya (Sai Krishna) a college going guy works part time at TVS show room in Hyderabad. Vizag girl Harika (Sheena) promises her parents that she will only marry someone of their choice and leaves to Hyderabad for higher studies. That’s how Surya and Harika meet in the college turn out to be best friends. In the meanwhile, Surya starts chatting with an unknown girl (Sarayu) and falls in love with her. But they never try to meet each other. After few days Sarayu tries to meet Surya but due to some problems, he skips the meeting. In the same time Harika gets engaged in Vizag. Somehow, Surya starts searching for Sarayu, with the help of his friends finds out that Sarayu is stays in Vizag. Will Surya meet Sarayu? Who is Sarayu? What happened to Harika’s marriage forms the rest of the storyline.

Sai Krishna tries hard, but carries just one expression throughout. He needs to work on his screen presence and voice modulation to sustain in Tollywood. Sheena looks pretty in few scenes and she is average when it comes to performance. She is sizzling in few songs. As for Veteran Suman and Tanikella Bharini they look good. Praveen provides some comic relief with his Godavari slang in this slow tedious film. The rest of the characteristics in the film are supportive.

Story of the film is very routine and predictable. We have seen a lot of similar kind of films on the Tollywood screens. When you are saying a typical story (which we have seen in Anandam, Prema Lekha and Okkato Number Kurradu), you need an engaging and entertaining script to catch the attention of the audience. But Nuvve Na Bangaram drags the narration to an extent when you stop caring about the film. Director could have worked hard on the script and narration, even direction is middling. Music director Yajamanya failed to provide foot tapping and soothing tunes to match this romantic entertainer. Dialogues in the film are very melodramatic. Editing of the film should have been better, Movie narration runs at snail pace in the first half. Cinematographer of the film Rams had done a decent job to elevate the film with his visuals. Production values are apt.
Everything about the film has an outdated look and feel. The script is flawed. Many scenes make absolutely no sense. The emotions don’t work either because of which the love story in its entirety fails to make much impact. The film also suffers from melodrama, something that doesn’t go too well with the younger generation. On the whole, Nuvve Na Bangaram is meant to be youthful entertainer but what you feel is anger towards everyone who made this loathsome flick.
Survi Review: 1/5

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