Raja Reddy’s Eduruleni Alexander (2014) Movie Review

Cast: Nandamuri Tarakratna, Komal Jha, Ravi babu and Jaya Prakash Reddy
Music Director: Dr. Josyabatla Sharma
Director: Raja Reddy
Runtime: 120 Minutes
Nandamuri Tarak Ratna plays Alexander, the tough as nail Police officer of Vishakapatnam. His mission statement is to clean up the city of the scum. Alexander showing up as a rogue accepts brides from the thugs and take their help in cleansing the city. Seeing his macho looks and brave heart, Komali (Komal Jha) falls for him. In the meanwhile, Kottappa (Jayprakash Reddy) with the help of Jhinna Bhai (Ravi Babu) start illegal business and starts kidnapping college girls in Hyderabad to sell them to Dubai shaiks. Due to the aggressive attitude of Alexander, he gets transferred to Hyderabad. Seeing the illegal business around him, Alexander starts searching the lead to close down the businesses. This leads to a bloody climax, and Alexander finally manages to reconcile with the villain.

This may go down as the worst film Nandamuri Tarakratna has ever acted (Equals his standards in Nandeeswarudu). Even his performance and dialogues do not have incursion to entertain the audience. Komal Jha is the heroine of this film who comes and goes out of the film at her will. It looks like director has used actress whenever she was free from her work. She looked good in the songs. The villains Jaya Prakash Reddy and Ravi babu have nothing much to do in this film other than torturing the kidnapped gals. The three bachelor guys have limited scope to perform and has sour throats while dubbing the film.

Eduruleni Alexander has some similarities with Balakrishna’s Lakshmi Narasimha, but director takes torturous route of heavy dialogues and fights to narrate this storyline. The film is made with small budget and evidence of this fact is exhibited in every scene of the film. The confusion of the director is more wakeless as even with the limited budget.  Eduruleni Alexander the first directorial venture of Raja Reddy fails because of his attempt to grasp the finer elements of the present cinema. Both technically and musically the film is appallingly low on quality and the director has also failed in generating any interest through his narration in the film. Music director Dr. Josyabatla Sarma heavily inspired his background score from Khaleja, Munna and Mani Sharma’s tunes. Cinematography of the film by Thota Ramana is horrible, even color grading makes things darker and blurred. Editing of the film is okay. The major asset of the film is its ends around 2 hours’ time. Dialogues in the film are ordinary. Fights in the film are barbarous. Production Values of the film are low graded.

Eduruleni Alexander is supposed to be an Action drama and aimed at providing entertainment to the fans. But it ends up being as another flop show with tortoise speed narration of the story, tired scenario and savorless performances from the lead actors. The first half of Eduruleni Alexander is bad and second half turns worse. It is clear that director Raja Reddy has not done his homework properly before starting the film. He burrowed few scenes and storyline here and there and has cockle a script which lacks credibility and content. Watching this film is a sheer waste of time and you would definitely damn yourself for making a dumb decision.

What Is Good: Runtime
What Is Bad: Everything Performances to Technicalities
Survi Review: 0.5/5

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