Noam Murro’s 300: Rise of an Empire (2014) Movie Review

Cast: Eva Green, Lena Headey, Sullivan Stapleton, Flashes of Gerard Butler, Rodrigo Santoro
Director: Noam Murro
Written By: Zack Snyder, Kurt Johnstad
Watched at Prasadz, Hyderabad.

Based off of Frank Miller’s graphic novel Xerses, director Noam Murro’s 300: Rise of an Empire is about what happened during and after the 2007 film 300, making Noam Murro’s film what some have called a “Paraquel“. Prior to those events, however, we see a condensed origin story of the first movie’s antagonist, Xerxes (Santoro), who mostly just lurks in the background here, like a Gold lame painted backing dancer in some camp Vega revue.

This time out, the film’s villain is Artemisia (Green), a Greek woman who has been raised by Persians after one of their tribe rescued her from a life of sexual abuse, and who now leads the Persian fleet in their invasion of Greece. Out to stop them is a rag tag band of Athenians, led by their general, the oddly Aussie accented Themistocles (Stapleton).

The first 300 came out back in 2007 and was a massive hit. The film was produced for $65 million and earned $210 million domestically and $456 million worldwide. Sequel was a no-brainer though it is a little puzzling as to why it took them 7 years to make the film. Finally it is here and while it won’t do as well as the first. The major asset about this film is that much of it takes place during the events of 300 which would make this film a Para-quel, while many films lose steam this film loses track and even if it is an audiovisual spectacle the prequel, sequel and spin-off seem to be more worried checking things off a list than digging deeper or going further into the complex universe they have already created.

Even though the film mostly relied on computer generated sets and effects it never losses the momentum gearing high-octane action sequences. The fight sequences especially the starting attack on Artemisia ships, Blasting the Oil rigger  and Final Spartan entry deserve a special mention. Coming to performances, Eva Greendid a spectacular intimidating presence as Artemisia. She is fierce and skilled showing the havoc she will create beneath those eyes. Obviously, Sullivan Stapleton cannot surpass Gerard Butler‘s ferocious character, but he manages to stand on his own ground as the leader of his pack. The leading men could not manage to get out of the shade that was left by Spartaa shields.

The 3D in this film is lame as you get to see more blurry and darker picture. The Regular 3D is the best way to watch this film and it will have more brighter-stunning visuals.

The screenplay doesn’t attempt to develop any other character other than Artemisia. Audience never feel the bonding that was visible with King Leonidas in the first part. We saw the story of the Spartans in the 300, while the sequel chooses to focus on the greek army that were fighting for Greece. The screenplay failed to develop these heroes, like the the first film did with Spartans, so I had trouble connecting with them. Seriously, this film was just not as interesting, making it an unnecessary sequel.

2007’s 300 was made a stunning impact with its stunning visual effects, Powerful quotes and led to mightily Leonidas (Gerard Butler). The Paraquel 300: Rise of an Empire might have lived up to the hoopla, if it had more character development – Powerful Greek Leader – Lena Headey who have played an important character in the first part or if it had actually been directed by Zac Snyder (300). On the whole, 300: Rise of an Empire is watchable for sexy Eva Green, Back Ground score by Junkie XL, Action and Visual Effects.

Survi Review: 2.5/5

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