Narasimha Nandi’s Kamalatho Naa Prayanam (2014) Movie Review

Cast: Shivaji, Archana, Pavlla Syamala
Music: KK
Censor Certificate: U/A
Runtime: 162 Minutes
Watched at Prasads, Hyderabad.

Kamalatho Naa Prayanam starts with a quote Sthree ki hrudayam undi, daniki Anubhavam kavali. From there frustrated life of Kamala Rani is narrated by Suriyam (Shivaji) to his daughter. Kamala Rani a prostitute stays with Pavala Syamala in outskirts of in Ayyodhyapuram in early 1950. In the meanwhile, Suriyam arrives from Burma to help his childhood friend a poet Anandarao, but due to bad weather he stays in Kamala Rani’s place. A deeper bond grows between Kamala and Satyam, that’s how Suriyam plans to take Kamala Rani to Burma as his wife. Kamala joins Suriyam in the journey to find his childhood Anandarao. But due to some problems they gets to meet Suriya Narayana a boy in Chinthamamidi Palli and stays with him for a night. Later continuing their journey to Anandarao’s place they gets to know a stunning fact that’s how total story turns towards Suriyam’s life with Kamala. Thappu enni sarulu chesina thappe will Kamala change for Suriyam? Will “Shariram Malinam ayina Manasu swacham anni bhavinche” Suriyam get over Anandarao and marry Kamala? To find more about the movie you need to watch this off beat film in the theaters.

Shivaji scores in this film with a fine performance as soldier who hates the rules – regulations of the society and plans cut loose by joining in “Sainyam”. Another actor Archana (Veda) who shines in the film as a prostitute. She feels a bit uncomfortable with the bold scenes in the film. But Pavala Shyamala who plays the role of Archana’s guardian in the films fails to elevate scenes with her performance. The actor who acted as Zamindar is passable. Child actors Bhasyantha – Nitya passes muster in the roles of Anandarao’s children.

Kamalatho Naa Prayanam based on a novel “Oori Chivara Illu”. Movie revolves around a soldier Satyam and prostitute Kamala who gets close in a night and start planning about their future in Burma, but due to uncertain things happening around the society (Vikruthi Samajam) they part their ways. All the lead actors tried to shine in their roles but they are handicapped in their efforts by a weak script and shabby direction. The points where Satyam leave out the option to search for Anandarao’s children in Chinathamamidi Palli and the way Zamindari issue is handled is the second half could have ended with a stronger impact. Narration of the film is flat though being an offbeat art style film, movie should have his heart in the right place, but handling leaves the brain somewhere in the middle and continue towards casual ending. Much like director Narsimha Nandi’s earlier films, Kamalatho Naa Prayanam has its points to convey but resorts to the melodrama and over the top histrionics to make its points clear. The uneven pace and dark tone will tire you out in few places, and the film making itself is shoddy. Coming to music K K (Kishen) has given a good tunes to suit the films tone. BGM with fusion of Veena, Flute, and violin has provided a great platform to Gayaz’s poetry in the parts. Songs has flavor of Kavadiya and Hindusthani touch. Cinematographer Muralimohan Reddy must be appreciated for the way he utilized limited locations and came up with good colors to add a flavor to 1950’s film. The Pre – Climax, Climax and second song near the river banks gets the best from cinematographer. Editing of the film by V. Nagireddy has done a very poor job, he could have easily trim down the film by 40 odd minutes. Even the poetry and dialogues miss sync in few conversations. Costume Designers and Art Work deserve a special applause for their effort. Production values are top class. Producers must be appreciated for their daring step.

Kamalatho Naa Prayanam tries to comment on society’s indifference and spiritlessness towards other people’s problems in early 1950’s. Movie tends to be too flat, too ideal and in the end too tiresome to really make an impression. Kamala tho Naa Prayanam has its heart in the right place, but it’s nothing close director’s 1940 Oka Gramam because of its plain narration and flawed narration that’s straight out of nineties. In the end, Kamalatho Naa Prayanam fails to dive into the point and its pity because the film brags good performances from the cast, Cinematography, Art and Music. A twenty – thirty years ago Kamalatho Naa Prayanam could have connected with an audience raised on melodramatic films.
Bottomline: A Journey fails to reach the destination in time

Survi Review: 2/5

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