Bharath Ganesh’s Yuddam (2014) Movie Review

Starcast: Srihari, tarun, Yami Gautham, Nagineedu, Venumadhav and Krishna Bhagwan.
Music Director: Chakri
Director: Bharath Ganesh

A happy go lucky guy State Student Leader Rishi (Tarun) falls in the love in the first site with Madhu (Yami Gautham), daughter of local goon Shankar Anna (Sri Hari). Rishi starts falling behind her to impress. In the meantime local goon Nagineedu (Nagineedu) plans to grab the land of an old age home, but Shankar anna spoils this attempt. To take revenge over Shankar anna, Naagineedu plans to Kidnap Madhu. Then Rishi’s brother returns from America. While shopping, Rishi’s brother expresses his interest to marry Madhu. Rishi pens a plan for his brother’s marriage. Did Rishi’s brother marry Madhu? Will Naagineedu take his revenge on Shankar Anna? What happened to Rishi’s love forms the rest of the story-line.

Tarun starts his second Innings with Yuddham. But sadly the much needed kick is missing in his performance. Tarun is okay in his role. After Gouravam, Yami Gautham is back with another important role, but she didn’t add any colour to this insipid story. Yami looks pretty, but her histrionics were very artificial. Late Srihari got another fine role, but he fails to impress us with his performance. Naagineedu is average in his limited role. Venu Madhav and Krishna Bhagwan failed to tickle your funny bones. Even Chandramohan characterization is very limited. Rest of the cast has known faces but none of them have showcased their talents.

Bharath Ganesh has scripted the film on the lines of Hindi film Mere Brother Ki Dulhan which had a nice romantic entertainment. Imran – Katrina Kaif chemistry, Music and a fine script were the USP of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, but in this Telugu Film Bharath Ganesh has not tried to be loyal to the original script. He has added a mass action element to the main track which is not only absurd, but looks childish being included in such an entertainer subject like that of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Dialogues in the film are very moderate. Music by Chakri is not upto the mark. Even Background Score of the film is very loud. Cinematography by Jaswanth is very ordinary. Editing is major problem of the film, Transition between the scenes is not perfectly done and even important sequences are poorly handled by the editor. Fights in the film are routine. Productions values of the film are very bad.

First half of the bad and second half of the film is equally bad. Other than Tarun’s moderate performance and Yami Gautham’s pretty looks nothing excites you in the film. No one seems to have taken the whole film seriously here. The dubbing is worst for every character, other than Tarun’s. The quality of Tarun’s story selection is going down from film to film. On the whole, with an amateurish story-line, flat dialogues, bad performances and lack of dedication, the film turns out to be a tragedy that audience needs to survive while watching.  
Bottomline. A Yuddam audience will do to survive.

Survi Review: 0.5/5

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