T Satya’s Naa Rakumarudu (2014) Movie Review

A top Hyderabad industrialist’s son Vyshnav (Naveen Chandra), who completes his graduation and plans to complete his MS in America. Due to small incident Vyshhnav meets with Bindu (Ritu Verma). She hates studying, but due to force of her mother Shobana (Sitara) she succeeds in getting pass in her engineering. As building closeness between makes Ritu like Vyshnav and she proposes him. Realizing the changes in her daughter Shobana realizes she is in love with Vyshnav and makes him realize the problem with her. To see her succeed in her life Vyshnav goes away from Bindu. What Shobana problem with love? How did Bindu take her love failure? Will they ever get together forms the rest of the story-line.

Naveen Chandra (Andala Rakshasi fame) is okay with his urban looks. Ritu Verma (Prema Ishq Kaadal fame) is good as leading lady. Both the actors need to work on their histrionics. Veteran actress Sitara is nice. Kondavalasa and Krishna Bhagwan sequence is ordinary and looks forced. Anchor Bhargavi plays an important character in the film and she is promising in her character. Rest of the characters are justified their characters.

Director Satya (Asst.of Puri Jagannadh for Amma Nanna Tamil Oka Ammayi) trusted the message in the film and crafted the screenplay in such a way. The first half of the film is devoted to establishing love and relationship between the leads and getting the conflict point ready. The story point and progression method is method is okay. Though its inspired from “100 days with Mr. arrogant” (2004). But the story-message are poorly handled. Screenplay in the second half not so good. Director should have been worked on Narration and Screenplay in the second half. Director Satya’s direction could have been better. Songs in the film are good. Especially mass number Tapeswaram Kaja deserve a special mention. Background score in the film average. Cinematography is neat. The one fight sequence in the film is middling. Editing of the film is major problem in the second half as transition between scenes is not neatly done. Production values in the film are fine.
With a serious content and a valid social message in the second half and climax the first half should have been a perfect base for it. But in contrast to that it just moves like soap serial and shows the typical college life which we had seen earlier in many movies. Because of that we can’t indulge much in the grievous second half at the start of it. The comedy scenes are seriously not needed for this kind of script. First half of the film is adequate. The second half is boring as it becomes repetitive and predictable. The plus point of the film is Cinematography and Music and on the flipside, deficient screenplay and lack of gripping narration. On the whole not a tolerable attempt.

Survi Review: 1/5

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