Sukumar’s 1 Nenokkadine (2014) Movie Review

Kamal Haasan once was very worried with his box office failures and decided to do a field study with mass people, he went to a village and took a rickshaw and then asked him about the movie, the rickshaw guy talked about the hero conflict and how he liked the emotion in the climax instead of the fight, Kamal was shocked to see such reaction from this person, he asked then why his movie is a flop and the guy said “MASS WILL NOT LIKE IT”.

There are only two kinds of cinema in this world – Independent cinema and movies by studios. Those good movies by studios are exception and are just an exercise for Oscars.

1 Nenokkadine is an independent cinema where the director went with his vision and narrated a script with anever explored genre and the fact that he made this with a studio and being labelled as the costliest film in Tollywood is and will be the biggest mistake in the careers of Mahesh Babu and Sukumar. 1 Nenokkadine reminds me if Nandanavanam 120 Kms, which is a psychological thriller, made on a shoe string budget. 1 Nenokkadine has a better story and screenplay [a latter has by National Award winning director Neelakanta]. But is way too ambitious to reach out a larger audience. Even the makers of Talaash never dreamt of making it to 100 crores club but 1 Nenokkadine had to reach 100 Cr club to break even, had this been a low budget movie shot in India this would have been a classic. But the hype Starcast and budget did the killing. 
1 is thriller leaves upto its name until the last frame, it is Sukumar vision to the core. Mahesh gave a career best performance and this movie marks the debut of Gautham. The editing is the worst culprit in the movie, it seems the movie had become too big, and so there are some highly unbelievable transitions between scenes, and a few seem incomplete. The music is ok, but there are just a couple of songs which stay with you. Cinematography by Rathnavelu is major asset of the movie. The way he uses handheld camera angles – Shaky camera shots for songs and fights provided realistic feel, background score is effective.

The film starts of brilliantly and camera work is at its best in recent times. The first half of the film is really Exhilarating, Confusing and it’s a sheer joy to watch Mahesh – Sukumar at their best in the Pre Interval and Interval episodes. Kriti looks ravishing and is an absolute natural infront of the screen. The Interval bang raises your expectations and proves to be the unwrapping the movie actually. It seems that Sukumar did not know how to really weave some story around Parents murder and that’s where the movie fails in the second half. The central point is clinched and I wish Sukumar would have choosen something different here. The points like concluding Hallucination point with a line (Prema kanna bhayyam goppadi), Similarly Gautham’s father given “Golden Rice” for testing in Nassar’s company but Nassar never tries to read the report and try making the Golden Rice in his company. I wouldn’t give way the main plot which unfolds in the second half. Sukumar didn’t directly lift a scene from a movie but have taken few inspirations from Accidental Spy, Bourne Ultimatum and Fight Club. The climax is somewhat better compared to the second half, but still leaves a lot to be desired. I’m sure there could have been better culmination to the movie.

I am unable to decide whether I Love the movie or not! Honestly, after a long time I have come across such a movie, where there is an abundance of absolute brilliance coupled with sad cliches. I think overall, I will say that it’s a very different, engaging, exhilarating, yet ultimately unsatisfying movie. 

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