My Predictions: Sukumar’s 1 Nenokkadine (2014)

Latest Short Theatrical Trailer:

After reviewing two back to back flops, I sat down to watching the latest trailers that have been released in last few days as New Year special. When I kept 1-Nenokkadine latest trailer in a loop started realizing there can a story hidden in these flash frames. Here goes my predictions on 1-Nenokkadine after watching Latest Trailer.

Trailer starts with few flashes, where Mahesh is shown entering a company with a gun in his hand. [There are a few obvious predictions Mahesh might have done a FAKE call/ Mahesh might have killed the person in the same building leaving the premises with some high held confidence]

Right after this scene there is sequence of scenes where Mahesh is shown watching the beach/trying to recall the past (bath Scene). That’s what remind me of Salman Khan – Diya Mirza starrer “Tumko NaaBhool Payenge” film.

Mahesh calls for a press meet (for obvious reasons Mahesh called it to hint the people who are trying to Kill him). After that sec Kriti Sanon is shown to showing some interest on the point Mahesh is speaking with the Media people (the way she reacts like she has some point of view on the same issue Mahesh is talking).

20th Second: Mahesh first time come out of the hiding to check out the connection between the place and masked people. (there might have been a ticket stub/a small piece relating to this place with him.)

The way Mahesh stares at a building in 22 n 23th second shows that this place has particular importance in his past.

Post 25th second we get a clarity that Mahesh memory/past has something to do with masked people and carnival.

In the 27th second Mahesh says to his mate, “naku Kavalsindi naku telisina kadha kadhu telini kadha”. By that time Mahesh has an clarity who he is / Profession.. But the thing that totally makes no sense is his past. How did he lost it?

39 & 40th second where Mahesh runs with Kriti (information in her bag), get involved in a car crashed (31st second), he starts fighting with the mob in 40th second in sepia work.

33rd second Mahesh leaves to villains place in a speed boat chased by 8 more speed boats.

In the 35 th second Mahesh starts following a person who remember him, he just starts following to catch him (the person in the final jump 44th sec of this trailer) and the same chase continues on the bridge.

42 second scene has too many points.. ( Where it might be the first time Gautham/ Naveen (D for Dopidi fame) is shown in the movie/But it might also be a dual role scene as same dress worn by Mahesh in the 23rd second of this trailer.)

These are just my predictions on Mahesh Babu’s 1 – Nenokkadine. Would love to see your responses and predictions on this trailer predictions.
Thanks for reading..!!

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