Govi’s Love U Bangaram (2014) Movie Review

Star Cast: Rahul, Rajiv & Sravya
Director: Govi
Music Director: Mahith Narayan
Cinematographer: Arun Kumar
Censor Certificate: A
Runtime: 143 Minutes

Love U Bangaram – latest attempt to focus on how marriages get wreck because of insecured feeling of the partner – is terrible. There, I said it. Spoiler for the rest of the review: It will be one where almost nothing good is said about the movie. I had terrible time watching this movie. I hated almost every second that it played and felt sorry everyone involved in its production, as well as everyone who is going to see it.

Starting off with a typical tollywood line, Akash (Rahul) a totally insecure and possessive guy gets attracted to Meenakshi (Shravya) who is completely opposite to Akash. Both get married and shift to Hyderbad as Akash gets promoted to Hyderabad region Celkon. That’s when things start to collapse between the pair. Seeing her mirthful conversations with colleagues, Akash starts suspecting Meenakshi. But Meenakshi has some good intentions behind her jovial approach. Would the intention surprise you that this is what consumes the majority of the rest of the film.  

Love U Banagaram eventually transitions into one of the worst romance stories you’ll be able to see captured on film this year. The script is amateurish at best and director Govi has done nothing to make it look even decent. It’s a shameful trend in Tollywood to make a film with limited budget – added sensual scenes – commercial points and saleable stars eyeing at the profits at box office with satellite rights. The projects turn out to be profitable but viewers are being fooled in the whole process. Love U Bangaram is one such project.  

Romance in Maruti’s film usually work, but here in this venture it gets worst. The lead couple in the film supposed to be melodramatic and try understanding each other’s problem, but they don’t. There is no drama because their love gets crumbled with spy-crime aspect. Shravya looks out of place. She sizzles in the songs. Rahul lets you down with his presence. Less said about the rest of the cast, the better. The romance is uncomfortable and unintentionally hilarious.

Love U Bangaram is a sheer waste of ability, time and money. Maybe it will appeal to some people (who appreciated Romance [2013]), but from where I’m sitting, there’s hardly a single good thing about it, Except for a few laughs — in unintentional variety. It’s a dumb, too long, badly scripted mess of a movie, and I can’t recommend it to anyone.

Survi Review: 0.5/5

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