Vijay Krishna Acharya’s Dhoom 3 (2013) Movie Review

Probably one of the most successful film franchises in Bollywood, the Dhoom series is back. The second one was probably the most successful film of its time way back in 2006, when Hrithik Roshan made being the anti-hero look stylish, and Aishwarya Rai sizzled like never before in a stylish and sexy avatar. Even recent promos of latest part promises some high quality film making.

Let me make it simple for you.

Dhoom 3 didn’t work for me. The third part of most successful franchise of Bollywood history exaggerates what it supposed to do. Its munificent, its astonishingly lovely and its most publicized movie of this year, with a brilliant star cast, someplace its lacks something.

Chiseled pack, ominous looks and gorgeous bodies – The latest part is definitely adds extra in terms of glamor content, stunts and profligacy than its previous parts. Dhoom doesn’t deserve a sequel but this one surprise me with Dhoom 2 & its upgrade Dhoom 3 that I wasn’t really expecting. Deplorably, the strongest point in Dhoom was its gripping script and realistic approach. For a decent Heist based film three factor play a major role thrill factor – Amazing Action – Solid BG Score. Even third part is based on a heist story and Tashan fame director Vijay Krishna Acharya who earlier provided script and dialogues for first two parts of Dhoom series failed to come up with conceptual heist n chase that would have thrilled audience with its sequences. Coming to sound track, Dhoom 3 infact one of the biggest musical disappoints of this year. Aamir and Katrina tried their best to enhance the visuals in a big way. Even its background score failed to elevate the important scenes. Heist films are only exceptional when breathtaking chases and thrills are added to it. But Dhoom 3 stunts are actually hilarious and goes over the top with funnily transforming bikes, frivolous chase sequences.

The major culprit of the film is storyline which is a sort of inspired from Amitabh Bachchan’s film Akayla (1991) movie. Even few scenes remind us of films like The Prestige & Villain. The Screenplay is not worth calling a screenplay as it tried to balance Heist – Romance – Action, but it simply fails to do so. While look is cool, the romantic scenes are dragged, loopholes are at galore and there is no real thrill/twist anywhere in the plot, it’s very predictable and long.

What did work in this third part was Aamir Khan. Bollywood perfectionist Aamir Khan completely carried the movie on his shoulders. In fact, Aamir Khan overmasters his character and makes it watchable atleast once. Abhishek and Uday both are okay in their supporting roles as Jai and Ali. Uday provide the much needed comic relief every now and then. Katrina Kaif is searing and does justice to her character. Watch out for “Kamili” track, she just rocks there with the striptease. Jackie Shroff is fine in his cameo.

Instead of being uber cool and ultra-slick movie comes across ultra-stylish and too smart to be good sequences. There are many sequences like the chase and action stunts which are overdone. Taking over the master of Dhoom series Sanjay Gadhvi, new director Vijay Krishna Acharya fails and there is no real direction in the movie. And that’s what movie seriously lacks. It just goes nutsy and try adding every commercial element to the movie, only few work on screen. To sum up the things here, other than Aamir Khan, Astonishing Chicago localities and Cinematography. There is nothing exceptional. Aamir Khan is your reason to watch this movie in your leisure. Wait for its home edition.

Survi Review: 1.5/5

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