Rajesh Puli’s Bunny n Cherry (2013) Movie Review

Cast: – Prince, Mahat, Kruthi, Sabha, Yandamuri Virendranath, Sita, Gautham Raju, Jr. SVR, Posani Krishna Murali, Apoorva, L B Sriram and Brahmanandam
Music Director: – Sri Vasanth
Story Screenplay Direction: – Rajesh Puli
Producer: – Rajat Parthasarathy
Editing: Mohan – Rama Rao
Dialogues: Tirumala Shetty
Camera: Ravi Kumar
Bunny (aka. Karthik) [Prince] an engineer appointed as a project manager in a company that’s in a closing in next few months. Cherry (Mahat) a happy go lucky guy gets attracted to Pinky (Kruthi). Bunny and Cherry undergo a major accident where Dr. Satya (Suman) plans to use anti body methodology (by transferring their memories) to save both from brain dead situation. Luckily Dr. Satya (Suman) transfers their memories and he leaves to foreign international meet. After couple of confusing with their daily routines, Bunny and Cherry understand the problem with them and meet the doctor responsible for it. Thing turn around when they have no other option than staying in separate bodies for next three weeks. How did Cherry take over Bunny’s job and love Kavya (Shaba)? Was Bunny able to carry Cherry issues? How did their families react to transfer memories? Forms the rest of the storyline.
Bus Stop fame Prince is adequate in the main lead. Looks like he gained some weight. Mahat didn’t have much to do on the screen.  His ease in the songs is good. Kruthi suffers from poor characterization and Sabha is okay as an engineering student. Bhramanandam as Auto Driver Manikyam is very bad. His character and scenes are totally inspired from different flicks. Posani Krishna Murali and Apoorva are okay as parents of Mahat. Suman justifies his character as Dr. Satya.  Chandramouli, Sita, L B Sriram, Yandamuri Virendranath has a strictly limited scope for showcasing their talent. Gautham Raju and Jr. SVR are wasted with poor characterization.
Story of the film is good.  But the narrative pattern is somewhat inspired from a Freaky Friday, Change Up and it’s a Boy Girl Thing. Director Rajesh Puli direction should have been better. The way director left off emphasized point of neuron (memory) transplantation and shifted the gears to make things sentimental with a sudden twist in Prince’s characterization is unjustified. There is no grip in the screenplay. The director used to many padding artists to entertain crowds, but the entertainment values in the film is not upto the mark.

The film has nothing extraordinary to offer to viewers. Many important sequences of the film are shot amateurishly. And the songs are a sore feature. Music by Srivasanth (Madathakaja fame) has given passable audio. Cinematography is just mediocre. Editing by Mohan & Rama Rao could have been sharp. Dialogues by Tirumala Shetty are very routine. Production Values of Multi Dimensions Entertainment Pvt. Ltd are fine.
The first half of the film is better than the second half. The main draw back the film is its slow paced narration. The comedy sequences lack the punch. The films second half bores in the first half an hour, but later the tempo picks up. With a fine story and good padding team, the director must take the blame for the film’s poor appeal. On the whole, Bunny N Cherry doesn’t make a memorable experience.
Survi Review: 1/5

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