V. Samudra’s Chandi (2013) Movie Review


Cast: Priyamani, Krishnam Raju, Sarath Kumar

Music: NR Shankar, Chinna
Cinematography: Vasu
Director: V. Samudra
Censor Certificate: A
Run-time: 139 Minutes
Chandi (Priyamani) 4th generation of freedom fighter Alluri Sitramaraju family with the help of Shekar Azad (Sharath Kumar) plans and implement few murders to help the people in need in Hyderabad.  CBI appoints Srimannarayanna (Nagababu) as the chief officer to investigate the series of murders. But never stops killing the people who are corrupt / anti-social, Srimannarayanna gets closer to catch Chandi. In the meanwhile, Chandi undergoes great stress and kills Minister (Ashish Vidyarthi)’s Brother Bangaru Raju (Supreet). Minister starts penning plans to capture and kill Chandi. Why do Chandi undergo such extremes to kill people? Whats relation between Rebel and Chandi? Who is Rebel? Forms the rest of the crux of the story.

Priyamani stands out in her performance as Chandi, her character arc is not upto the mark. Hyper dialogues and action sequences fail to elevate her character. Krishnam Raju is not convincing in his character as Rebel. Though Samudra tried to include powerful characterization, his performance fail. Sharath Kumar plays important character and his abilities were not fully captured by Samudra on screen. Nagababu – Posani as CBI officer – Gabbar Singh are not acceptable in their roles. Ashish Vidyarthi looks wasted in the film. Rest of the characters have very limited, so it better to stop discussing regarding performances in this film.

If you are looking for a film which is just like Arundathi presenting the hero in larger than life image brandishing swords to take revenge on his opponents, you may well be disappointed. Chandi is different in this aspect. It is one film, which just throw in non-stop commercial ingredients like action, dances. The narration of Chandi also include the social incidents that has happened recently in the state. The reference about the coalition government politics is thrown in the middle. The political background in the film has added some variety to the film. The satirical narration has some cheap sequences, which may please, frontbenchers. Essentially the whole film is made for what the industry refers to as the mass audience. This is the positive and negative aspect of the film.

Chandi is presented differently with all the necessary commercial elements like action and songs thrown in with no measure. But the film’s ambience is in slums. The film’s quality is so bad that audience will keep wondering whether it is directed by Samudra whose name is normally associated with clean films in the past. The sequences of the film are narrated so badly that it makes it impossible for the audience to enjoy the film. Despite a shelling of some great talents associated in the film, Chandi falls badly in the eyes of the viewers.

Survi Review: 0/5

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