Deepan Chakravarthy’s Pizza 2: The Villa (2013) Movie Review


Cast: Ashok Selvan, Sanchita Shetty, Nasser, SJ Surya
Director: Deepan Chakravarthy
Music Director: Santhosh Narayan
Runtime: 102 Minutes

Jebin (Ashok Selvan) a wishful writer, who is on the watch for a publisher to back his first novel. Jebin under goes toughest phase of his life & his father (Nasser)’s death makes him emotionally feeble. With the help of his lawyer he gets to know about a Villa in Bheemili his father has left behind. Arthi (Sanchita Shetty) – Jebin plan to sell the Villa and self-publish Jebin’s debut novel. Once they move into the house Jebin & Aarthi starts experiencing paranormal incidences. Will Jebin successfully publish his Novel? Did Jebin & Aarthi successfully survive the Paranormal Incidences? What does a French psychic has to do with Villa? What happens at the villa and what are the hidden secrets of Villa is left of the story to watch in theatres.

Ashok Selvan is an actor who has few surprises in store every time we watch him in action. He has given a matured performance as Jebin an aspiring writer. His histrionics were very apt. Sanchita Shetty as a selfish girlfriend is remarkably good in a few scenes, while in a few others she does go overboard. Chemistry between lead pair was missing in few scenes. Nasser and Veera Santhanam have done a commendable job, along with a whole lot of new faces who have done incredibly well.

First things first Pizza 2: The Villa is not a sequelto Pizza story. The way Deepan tried to showcase “a person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it” is interesting. But the spooky & first half scenes in the film are not dealt in a way that creates a huge impact. In which Pizza was hugely successful. The pre climax and climax scenes make a good impact. First half of the film is slow, second half of the film is good. Movie even has few minor inspirations from Paycheck & Insidious. There is not so much scope for witty dialogues, but Telugu dialoguesby Shashank Vennelakanti are natural & apt. Art work in the film is adept.

The magical musical score by Santhosh Narayanan adds further to the ambience, as Deepak Kumar Padhy’s outstanding cinematography conscientiously sees to it that not a pertinent detail is left out. The CGI works in the film could have been better. Editor Leo John could have easily cut short the film by 5-10 min in the first half. The short run-time (102 minutes) is an asset. The production values by Thirukumaran Entertainment and Studio Green are good.

In all fairness, Pizza 2: Villa has some nice moments in the end that you can take along. The director has succeeded in creating an ambience where you are not certain whether to believe the intriguing happenings. The initial sequence in second half creates a totally different mood and that is an intelligent move, considering it is a deviation from the style of the Pizza. The movie takes a little over 30 minutes to settle down and get to the point. The time taken is vast compared to its short runtime. Second half has some effectively executed scenes like showcasing negative energy, showing the climax destiny effect. Nevertheless, many scenes fail to add up to the spooky factor. Deepan Chakravarthy’s directorial debut skilfully captures the villa and its secrets. Probably adding more horror elements could made this more thrilling experience. On the whole, Pizza 2 : The Villa is an satisfying thrilling drama told with much grace and sophistication, that is without doubt, the best way to start off your weekend.
Survi Review: 2.5/5
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