Ravi Kumar’s XYZ (2013) Movie Review

Cast: Upendra, Priyanka Trivedi, Celina Jaitely, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Shayaji Shinde and Prem Chopra.
Music Director: GK
Director: Ravi
Watched at Sapthagiri 70mm, Hyderabad.

Priya (Priyanka Trivedi) an aspiring lawyer lands in Raj Kumar’s (Upendra) house after an adress mix up on way to a job interview. Raj Kumar and Priya fall for each other and then get married. Mean while at work Raj is due for a promotion on the day of promotion Sonia (Celina) new managing director of Voice mobile company. Sonia changes his role to one of the board of directors in Voice Mobiles. Sonia soon starts seducing Raj and Raj declines as nice married person. Taking the issue seriously Sonia reports her husband that Raj had tried to rape her. Devastated Raj decides to fight for the truth and prove his innocence. Will Raj be able to get his life back? Will his wife stick to him? For many more hilarious and funny reasons watch XYZ and find out!!

XYZ official version has decent performances from the main cast and sizzling negative performance from Priyanka Chopra. XYZ remake of Aitraaz fails to make an impact with its cast. The characterizations are plain dreadful. This is Upendra’s worst performance. Upendra didn’t suit in calm and mellow character. Screenplay doesnt offer Upendra any chance to perform.  Priyanka Trivedi gives wooden expressions. She flunked to make her presense count as the wife of Upendra. Major asset of Aitraaz was undoubtedly Priyanka Chopra as conniving , Sex starved Sonia with much elan and glee. She even bagged best villain award for her performance in Aitraaz. Here Celina failed to make an impact as opportunistic model Sonia Roy. Celina does enough skin show but she lost her charm. Veteran Prem Chopra, Kota Srinivasa Rao and Shayaji Shinde are wasted with poor characterizations.

XYZ is a remake of Akshay Kumar – Priyanka Chopra starrer Aitraaz (2004). Director failed to add the kind of punch south cinema demands for remakes. He literally lifted every scene and costume from the Original. The Screenplay exlopres every possible cliches and takes all convinent routes. Struggling to remake the original with the same feel, Director offers you senseless and lifeless scenes in abounding. Music by GK aka. Ghantadi Krishna lifted every possible successful track from Telugu films and remixed it with Dhol and Drum beats. Background Score takes away the excitement at the right places due to its loudness. And too predictable narration makes audience life miserable. It’s the worst Cinematography I have seen in ages. Even cam rips of pirated copies will be lot more brighter and clear. To show how awful the writing was in the movie, one dialogue in particular remains screwed into memory “Niruparadhiki Yedu Samvatsarala Shiksha”, now you can understand the effort behind the script work. The lighting was awful as well. Production Values are very cheap.

XYZ is the kind of film that has further strengthened my faith that critics need to be life insured. XYZ is perfectly apt title as movie as X grade performance, Y grade Technical Aspects and Z grade Screenplay-Direction. XYZ brings Upendra and sizzling Celina Jaitely together but their work seems to have gone down the drain because the film moves like a direction less vehicle. On the whole, The film is bad enough to keep audience out of the theatres. Avoid It.

Survi Review: 0/5

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