Harish Shankar’s Ramayya Vasthavayya (2013) Movie Review

Cast: Jr. NTR, Samantha, Shruti Haasan, Mukesh Rushi, Rao Ramesh
Music Director: Thaman SS
Director Harish Shankar
Runtime: 166 Minutes
Censor Certificate: A

Nandu (Jr. NTR) a happy go lucky college lad, falls in love in the first instance with Akarsha (Samantha). Nandu tracks her every moment and makes her fall in love with him. But things turn around when Nandu (Aka. Ramu) reveals his true identity to Akarsha due to some pressure from CBI officer (Rao Ramesh). Later, Amulu (Shruti Haasan) a resident of Aditya Purram tries to provide justice to local issues and falls in trouble. Seeing her nature Ramu falls in love and tries to solve her troubles. Did Ramu save her from the trouble? How did Ramu save his village people and marries the girl he loves what follows forms the crux of the story.

Jr. NTR does a decent job here. And while he doesn’t get under the skin of Nandu (aka. Ramu) (lacking effort in characterization), he competes his emotions at dealing with people. Jr. NTR was not upto the mark to provide his mark grace in the songs. Samantha is fine and she exposed herself a lot in the couple of duet songs.  Its typical role for Shruti Haasan and she did well in that. New voice over to Shruti did suit her character well. Ravi Shankar is okay in his baddie character. Harish provided some good lines to Ravi Shankar’s character. Mukesh Rishi did another role of serious villain. His character need a much needed make over. Tanikella Bharini is good as father of Shruti Haasan. Rest of the characters are okay in their limited scope.
Story of Ramayya Vasthavayya is in very old format. A happy go lucky trying to take revenge on the goons who killed his love. We’ve seen and heard this story several times, haven’t we!! And yet “Ramayya Vasthavayya” manages to impress momentarily, but where it fails is in engaging on the whole due to its extended screenplay, which clocks almost three hours. Screenplay in the film is very predictable. Comedy in the film does not tickle your funny bones. Direction is okay in first half but goes awry in the second. Cinematography by Chota K Naidu  is top-notch as he successfully translates the beauty of locations on the big screen. Music by Thaman is fine, he has copied few tunes from Telugu & Hindi songs. Dialogues in the film are mediocre. Few dialogues leave their mark as. Jeetham thesukunnevadu Jeevitham em kapaduthadu, Manishini SCHEMINCHE vadu devudu mathrame, nenu DEVUDINI kadhu scheminchadam raadhu..etc. Fights in the film are okay. Visual effects in the film are dull. Production values by Sri venkateshwara Cine Creations is good.
If you intend to see Ramayya Vasthavayya, don’t. You’ve already seen this movie presented elsewhere with different leads like in Bunny, Rachcha, Aadhi & Samba. You already know what every scene means and what’s going to come next. So when the music tells you what to feel, it is just Harish Shankar condescending to the viewers. The characters feel only a little bit of everything. They are never able to exceed feeling and touch of emotion. The crew is at it like routine. The film’s biggest letdown is its dragged narration that never wants to end. And when it is finally about reach its end, we are tortured with an additional song. Ramayya Vasthavayya is not so easy to sit through until and unless you are fan.

Survi Review: 2/5

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