Trivikram’s Atharintiki Daaredi (2013) Movie Review

Cast: Nadiya, Pawan Kalyan, Samantha, Pranitha Subash, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Ali, Brahmanandam, M.S. Narayana, Mumtaj and Hamsa Nandini
Director: Trivikram
Censor Certificate: U
Cinematography: Prasad Murella
Run-time: 169 Minutes

Watched at Vijetha 70mm, Hyderabad

Earlier this weekend a 90 – minute’s copy of the much anticipated Atharintiki Daaredi movie leaked online. BVSN Prasad has expected a financial disaster and called Cyber Crimes DGP to find out the leak originated. Let’s check out whether the leak will actually hurt the film’s success, or might the opposite be true?
Gowtham Nandan (Pawan Kalyan) is a grandson of multi billionaire Raghu Nandan (Boman Irani), who lives in Milan, Italy. Gowtham comes to India with a gang to full fill his grandfather’s wish to see his family together.
On the Other hand Sunanda (Nadhiya) daughter of Raghunandan gets separated from the family due to love marriage with Rao Ramesh. From the word go Gowtham aka. Siddhu starts helping Sunanda’s family and business issues. But thing turns around when Sunanda plans to make Prameela (Pranita) and Shasi (Samantha) get married to Siddappa’s (Kota Srinivasa Rao) family. Who will marry Gowtham Nanda? Will Raghu Nandan see his daughter before his last breath? Did Gowtham Succeed in his master plan to bring back his Athayya forms rest of the story line.

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is superb in his character. He excelled a lot in the sentimental and comedy scenes. Pawan Kalyan repeated feminine scenes, which was not so apprehensive. Pawan Kalyan attire in Baapugari Bomma & Ninnu Chudagane deserves special appreciation. Samantha Ruth Prabu is pretty in her performance. Samantha looks very beautiful in the Ninnu Chudagane song. Pranita Subash looks good. Nadia stands out with first class performance in the title lead. She should have taken care of her make up while shooting flashback episodes. M.S. Narayana & Ali succeeds in providing much needed laughs. Boman Irani is okay in his character, but director failed to elevate his character in the second half. Kota Srinivasa Rao has very less role to play with his unfinished characterization. Rest of the character provide necessary support to the main leads.
Trivikram has shown that with a fine story and a dependable script, a competent film can be made with a Powerful actor. In a way his screenplay is the real winner in the first half, but you will start finding it dragged in the post interval. Trivikram tried to elevate “Boothu Thappu anni cheppthu chupinche vadini Kottali” with Ahalya Aammayakuralu skit scene, but he took major time to establish the scene later add sensational Katama Rayuda song without any sense of situation. Trivikram even failed to conclude Siddappa’s character in the end. Trivikram should have utilized less feminine scenes with Pawan Kalyan in this film. The story is not unusual or fresh, but the script certainly is. The flashback episode is pretty casual. The second half of the film should have been dealt well, as the story stops progressing with forced comedy blocks. The final Brahmanandam sequence is directly lifted from “A Thousand Words” (2012). Even powerful antagonist to Pawan Kalyan was missing in this film. The last fifteen minutes of the film is good during which the sentimental scenes come in. Trivikram shows his art as a writer with the dialogues touching both the extremes, the witty Pawan mark to the heart stirring variety. He has also been greatly assisted by the superb camera by Prasad Murella, fine editing and good compositions by Devi Sri Prasad. Background Music by DSP is good. Even his cameo is good and placement is right. Fights are choreographed well. Choreography of the songs are good. Production Values from Sri Venkateshwara Cine Chitra are grand.

Whether you feel the leak will end up hurting the success Atharintiki Daredi in the long run. Leak will effect, only if those who have downloaded the film end up seeing it in mobiles & DVD and stay waiting for its second half print. As a high budgeted film releasing after a gap of two months movie has large seethe in Tollywood, people will obviously come forward to check out Pawan Kalyan – Trivikram, who has given super hit Jalsa in their earlier attempt. The leak and the associated far-flung press coverage serving as a useful promotional tool for Pawan Kalyan’s Atharintiki Daredi. Those who’ve seen its first half and have become even more curious about the final product, will be happy with the project. On the whole Atharintiki Daredi a well-made film which is sure to go well with Pawan Kalyan fans and family audience. Go for it. It’s a clean family entertainer.

Survi Review: 3/5

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