Lakshmikanth Chenna’s Kamina (2013) Movie Review

Cast:   Krish, Bharmaji, Roja, Srihari, Saikumar, Lekha Washington, Subbaraju, Ashish Vidyarthi and Ravi Babu
Direction: Lakshmmikanth Chenna
Production: Siddharth Arimanda
Music Director: Agastya
Censor Certificate: A
The movie basically revolves around a gang of five men, (Sai Kumar) playing the eldest and Subbu (Krish) playing the youngest. They face a bright prospect of making a fortune through what seems to be a simple exchange of bootleg for money on a train. Subbu plans to escape with the entire fortune by double crossing with his partners. Subbu’s intention is to disappear with the entire money to an unknown city with his love Vasuki (Lekha Washington). The movie starts getting its real self when Vikram gets into murdering the members of gang, unintentionally though. Who will have end up having all Rs. 5 Crore leaves you gasping for breath.
Debutant Krish tries with varying his get ups and mannerism, but his character lacks the scope for all those efforts. Lekha Washington and Ruby Parihar (Prasthanam fame) are average in their roles. Saikumar is the best among the star cast, if you have to pick a favourite. Bhramaji as a gambling den owner given a decent performance. Ashish Vidyarthi did his bit with ease. Roja did a short, but important role in Kamina. The rest of the cast have limited roles to play.

Lakshmikanth Chenna’s first movie Ninna Nedu Repu was a very different thriller and very different for a Telugu film. Lakshmikanth Chenna attempts to present official Telugu remake of Sriram Raghavan’s Bollywood film Johnny Gaddar (Un officially Amma Rajashekar has directed Bheebatsam inspiring from Johnny Gaddar in 2008), but what he manages to make is a sorry looking thriller that is simply boring from the start. Music by Agastya is ordinary. Background music is interesting in parts. Cinematography of the film is good, the scenes where Chenna uses Rogue filming is good. But the editing could have been crispier. For a film made with a middling budget Technical standards are okay.

It has been a while since Chenna made a film in Telugu and it is obvious that he underestimates the viewer’s here. It is a simple story that unveils at a leisurely pace and often, in a disturbingly and predictable way. The frivolity done to evoke laughter falls flat (with Ashish Vidyarthi & Bhramaji lines) and this film insults the fans of Thriller Johnny Gaddar. 

Survi Review: 1/5

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