Amar Kamepally’s Break Up (2013) Movie Review

Break up based on True events happened in Hyderabad four years ago, Vikky (Ranadir) an aspiring young cricketer falls in love with his best fan Nisha (Swathi Deekshith). Nisha is an HR Manager in a corporate company. Though they are in deep love Nisha is undergoes household problems and starts believing third persons words. As a result a day before the cricket selections Nisha breaks up with Vikky seeing his egoistic angle. Vikky realizes the fact that “Amaila manasu current lantidi eppudu fluctuate avuthune untundi, manam stabilizer last control cheyali” starts falling behind Nisha to give him one more opportunity through Nisha’s guardian uncle (Suresh). Will Nisha and Vikky come together? Who is the villain in this love story? How will they keep their egos aside and get together forms the rest of the storyline.

Coming to performances in the film, Ranadir expressions are drawback. He has to improve his histrionics. Swathi Deekshith, a Telugu girl is fine in her performance. Suresh has various modes in his characterization and he justifies them. Allari subhasini is quite okay in her short screen presence. Rests of the characters are short and supportive.

Break Up by director Amar Kamepalli is neither an intense love story nor a fully romantic story. It is just an ordinarily narrated story with too many clichéd elements. The first half of the film really tests your patience. What is supposed to be suspense is nothing but a flat narrative on predictable lines. When you feel that the second half is coming to grips, you are subjected to more torture in the form of a rather unconvincing flashback and sudden turn of characters. You feel terribly disappointed watching this film as it does not have a credible story or a believable script, but only confused sequences. Amar should have worked hard on the script instead of adding illogical sequences in his screenplay. Music director Indus Gharana has given two pleasing numbers to the film, background score elevates few scenes. The dialogues too lack the necessary punch. Cinematography is good, especially cinematographer must be appreciate for finding unseen places in Hyderabad. Production Values of the film are decent.

Break Up has very little to cheer about in terms of the story and music. A good line has gone awry due to flat screenplay and slow narration. With lovely locations in Hyderabad and surrounding, a crisp narration is missing. Movie seems to stray in the second half where the director fails to handle the emotional scenes between the two lovers.

Survi review: 1/5

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