Jenner Jose’s Ooops a Desi (2013) Movie Review

Movie: Ooops A Desi…
Cast: Buali Shah, Adnan Khalid, Pragathi Yadhati, Gideon Samson, Anil Sachdeva, Manohar, Pinnamraju, Siddharth Gupta, Javed Khalid, Sonia Gadhok
DialoguesScript Directed Produced by Jenner Jose
Run Time 126 minutes
Cinematography by Sri Ponnapati
Music by Dibyajeet Sahoo, Gaurav H Singh, Harik Dave and Gufy

Independent director Jenner Jose earlier directed a mystery thriller Mask Face (2011) in Hollywood, later Director laid his eyes on Bollywood with a crime thriller completely based in USA.  

Coming to the story-line of the film, Xavier (Buali Shah), Dev (Adnan Khalid) and AJ (Gideon Samson) are three illegal immigrants staying in USA. Due to their illegal immigrant status both Xavier and Dev do odd jobs to survive in USA. Dev’s troubled past in India prevents him to return back home. They find them in alarming situation when Sonia (Pragathi Yadhati) witnesses AJ’s kidnap. Did Dev and Xavier take the help of the cops? How will Xavier end up carrying a bomb in the car? Will Xavier and Dev save his friend AJ..? Forms the rest of the storyline.

Telugu girl Pragathi Yadhti .. 
Nearly every actor in the film are trained from New York Film Academy, Jenner Jose selected them seeing their zeal about films. Among the star cast Pragathi Yadhti (Telugu girl) has done justice to her role. She literally lives in her character. Director Jenner Jose has extracted the best performances from Xavier and Co. has fine comic sense. There are many comic situations, but the laughter that is expected to accompany them is never there. Siddharth Gupta trying to seduce Pragathi through strangest dance movements is just hilarious. There is nothing much for Anil Sachdeva, Manohar Pinnamraju and Sonia Gadhok in the film to do and they vacillate around desperately and persistently proving their existence.

There is nothing of the sieve ever happens in this film, and the script offers no saucy surprisals. On the perverse, it does take a while to get moving, what with the frequent flashback sessions to establish each of the characters that we get to see on screen. And once it does, the dialogues turn out be another huge let down. But few dialogues like “Anth bala tho sab Bala”, “Maal hai tho taal hai” and “Climax aah gayi hai abhi tak tereko Chinese ki paadi hai” leave their mark. 

Director Jenner Jose is successful in getting the required out put from the cast, but he failed to maintain a good tempo in the film. Jenner Jose could have narrated script in a effective way, there are unnecessary sequences that could have easily chopped off in the second half. The way director uses tiles to shift in flashbacks must be appreciated. Music by various artists are promising. Sri Ponnapati’s cinematography is okay, he tries different frames to add a rich appeal to the film.

Ooops a Desi lacks the critical arc that should keep the spirit up in crime thrillers. But in spite of these drawbacks, “Ooops a Desi” is worth a watch for its theme.

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