Chandu’s Prema Oka Maikam (2013) Movie Review

Cast: Charmy Kaur, Saranya, Rahul, Rao Ramesh, Ravi babu and Surekha vani.
Directed by Chandu
Produced by Chandu
Runtime: 130 Minutes
Censor Certificate: A

Mallika (Charmy Kaur) a high class call girl and is very comfortable with her life. Lalith (Rahul) an aspiring lyricist undergoes a major accident and losses his sight due to Mallika’s rash driving. Realizing her fault Mallika takes home Lalith and takes care of his needs until rightful eyes are found for replacement. One day Mallika finds Lalith’s dairy and starts reading his love story with an upcoming singer Swathi (Saranya). Will Lalith get back his sight? Did Lalith find his love Swathi (Saranya)? How will Mallika help Lalith forms the rest of the storyline.
The performances by the actors are pretty ordinary and it never helps the film in anyway as well. Charmy Kaur, known for some most riveting performances in Telugu cinema has been continuing with a rather dismal show doing forgettable films one after the other for a quite a time now, and the latest addition to that list is Prema Oka Maikam. Rahul character is lazily written and he failed to impress as a writer. Its second inning for Saranya (10thClass fame) but she has nothing much to do in this poorly written script. The rest of the cast has limited roles to play.
The director, who has scripted the film himself with the help of his PRO Pulagam C. Narayana, has focused on a handful of characters here. No problems about that if it has been told well. The pre climax is narrated during the first half and then, the incidents that led to it all are being told as flashbacks.
With incidents that are far from convincing and a script, which is not so great by any means, the film moves ahead in highly predictable lines. There are some sequences aimed to tickle the funny bone, but the attempts falls flat. MGK Praveen and S.R.Posam could have made this a musical treat. Even meaningful lyrics are wasted in the film. Cinematography by Praveen K Bangari is very amateurish.  Editing by V. Nagireddy could have been crispier. Movie can be easily cut short by half an hour in the first half.  At almost two hours and forty minutes, the film never seems to end. Production values from Touring Talkies banner are very poor.
Prema Oka Maikam is a messy tale that can surprise you with its hollowness. An amateurish effort at best, this film is unintentionally funny at times and lacks much fizz. The entire film looks waste of money, energy and time. Go for this one only if you are a hardcore fan of Charmy Kaur!

What is good: Nothing
What is bad: Character arc, Narration, Climax, Editing, Direction and Script

Survi Review: 0.5/5

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