A.L.Vijay’s Anna (2013) Movie Review

Cast: Vijay, Sathyaraj, Amala Paul, Santhanam, Abhimanyu Singh
Director: A.L.Vijay
Music: G.V.Prakash Kumar
Censor Certificate: U
Run time: 179 Minutes
In early 80’s Mumbai Telugu community is attacked by Marathi community at Daravi to get off from Mumbai. Rammurthy (Sathyaraj) turns against them and save the Telugu community. Ram Murthy turns “Anna”, to save his son from the goons around him he handovers his son to Nassar, who takes Vishwa (Vijay) to Australia. Vishwa turns as Ganga mineral water supplier in Australia and has a passion of dancing with his troop “Telugu Boys”. Fortuity Meera (Amala Paul) meets Vishwa and joins Telugu Boys group for a dance competition. Due to some peculiar reasons Vishwa with Amala Paul comes to Mumbai to meet his father Ram Murthy. But things turn around when Ram Murthy gets arrested due to Vishwa and gets killed. Who killed Ram Murthy ? Did Daravi people survive the Bheema (Abhimanyu Singh)’s trigger-happy conditions ? Will Vishwa return back to complete his father’s dreams forms the rest of the storyline.
Vijay does full justice to his character. His screen presence, dialogues, histrionics and his mannerism are striking. Amala Paul fails to make any impact despite of looking beautiful in the first half. Veteran actor Suresh looked theatrical and stiff. Ponvannan played important character in the movie does his part with grace. TV actress Ragini Nandwani looked good, but her track does not gel with the film. Abhimayu Singh is adequate in a pivotal role. Santhanam provides good punchlines and tickles the funny bones. Ravi Prakash, Rajeevi Govinda Pillai, Nassar and Manobala failed to create an impact.
Story has some similarities with films like “Andhrawala”, “Sarkar”, “Shankam” and “Rebel” over the basic storyline. The entire script is devised to cater mass and class audiences. However, clinched orientation in the second half vitiates the tone of the movie with its prolonged climax. There is no interesting conflict in the film to make audience glued nor has interesting drama to sit and enjoy. With predictable tale to hold on, director A.L. Vijay drags on focusing on filmsy scenes between Vishwa group and Bheema. Though first half of the film is okay with nice build up just before the interval and post interval movie drags on with decent twist and turns around. The biggest problem with the film is that there is no strong villain for Vijay to fight with and also the conflict in the story is lackluster. A.L. Vijay who directed Shivathandavam with Vikram earlier has faltered with routine storyline. Camera work and the backdrop of Mumbai are remarkable. But all the scenes involving the special lighting effects, are tacky. Music by G.V. Prakash is fair, and Backgroundscore of the movie loud, reminded me of The Corrs in parts. Telugu version lyrics are just horrible. G.V Prakash should have reworked on sound mixing of the film. Editing was highly required in many portions, especially in the second half which looked like a never ending story.
As you walk out of the cinema hall having watched ‘Anna’, you feel sorry for the film, since this was one that probably had tremendous potentials, but which failed to evolve into an exciting film on screen. Everything feels mediocre barring the acting, and for once, even the twists seem uninspiring. Anna is very formulaic. Second half is very dragged. With wafer thin storyline director drags on the movie with two commendable twists for more than 3 hours. Vijay, Interval bang and Santhanam are the only saving grace.
What Is Good: Vijay, cinematography, santhanam, interval bang and couple of twists.
What Is Bad: story line, music, second half narration and editing.
Survi Review: 2/5

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