Sunil Reddy’s OM (3D) Movie Review


Star cast: Kalyan Ram, Kriti Kharbanda, Nikesha Patel
Producer: Kalyan Ram
Director: Sunil Reddy
Censor Certificate: U/A
Runtime: 124 Minutes 
After KalyanRam’s Kathi, actor took a long gap, Now Kalyan Ram is returning to big screen after a long gap of nearly three years with a 3D movie OM. Kriti Kharbanda and Puli fame Nikesha Patel playing female lead characters. For this high budget movie Kalyan Ram brought Hollywood technicians David mike Taylor, Marcus, Maajadonski who worked for Avatar, Spider Man and Final Destination movies. Movie shot in 110 days but post production and 3D effects taken 1 year time. Action with added 3D technology can be an asset to the movie. Let’s check out more details in the review. 
Harischandra Prasad (Karthik), a leading businessman in Vizag port area. Once Harishchandra exposes minister Bhairreddy’s secrets in public and Bhairreddy ends up resigning to his minister post. Planning to take the revenge Bhairredy (Rao Ramesh) tries to kill Harishchandra, but Arjun (Kalyanram) saves him. But things turn around when Bhairreddy (Rao Ramesh) joins Bhavani (Sampath Raj) by gets him out of prison to kill Harishchandra. Meantime, Arjun falls in love with Anjali (Kriti Kharbhanda). But Hairshchandra plans to make Riya (Nikesha Patel) Marry Arjun. Will Arjun save his father from bhavani? Did Harshavardhan accept Arjun’s Love? forms the rest of the storyline. 
Kalyanram tried his best to entertain audience with his action, romance and sentimental scenes. However his bald look didn’t suit his body language but he was fine in action sequences.Romantic scenes between the Kalyanram-Kriti Kharbanda are not scripted properly, but they look good as a pair onscreen. Kriti Kharbanda is pretty in her character with no scope for performance. Nikesha Patel is just confined as glamour doll once again. Veteran Karthik, who appeared after a long time still, looks the same and impresses everyone. Rao Ramesh shone in role that has no power. Sampath Raj is major asset to the movie as Bhavani. Rest of the characters have limited scope to perform. 
Cinegoers witnessed these kinds of revenge stories and Sunil Reddy tried to add technical colors to it. Though he tried his best to keep viewers interested in the film but tempo was slow sometimes testing the patience of viewers. Music by Sai Karthik & Achu is okay. Ajayan Vincent cinematography is good, all songs and their picturization are middling. Nelo Emo song is very good. A little bit of trimming by Gowtahm Raju here and there along with soaring out some screenplay and direction issues, the film would have been a hit. The visual effects of the movie looks very much average and fails to make the audience to travel with the movie. Even 3D effect fails to make any impact. 
OM 3D starts off well by creating curiosity but it is not maintained throughout. The screenplay drags very much and songs spoil the run much more. Lack of comedy and over violence may shun away family viewers. However female leads are treat to watch. Nikesha Patel performed well but her dubbing should’ve been better. First half just passes on while the second half gets into tackling the goons and saving his father. Overall, if you are going with the expectations of Athanokkade, you will be disappointed. Otherwise, it is a regular mass movie made to encash 3D nothing else.
Survi Review: 1.5/5

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2 thoughts on “Sunil Reddy’s OM (3D) Movie Review

  1. 3d effects too good…better than some of the hollywood movies.
    Main backlock of the movie is the fights. They were not suiting him…
    Can watch once…

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