Ramakrishna Machakanti’s Pelli Pusthakam (2013) Movie Review


Cast: Rahul Ravindran, Niti Taylor, Bapineedu

Direction: Ramakrishna Machakanti
Genre: Family
Duration: 138 minutes
Censor Certificate: U/A

Satyam (Nagineedu) head of joint family, follows a tradition that every family member should married inside the same family. Rahul (Rahul) and Niti (Niti Taylor) the cousins aged 22 and 19 get married, to continue the same tradition. Grandfather gifts them a flat to live. Rahul starts loving his wife, but Niti falls in love with his class mate Cherry (Anil). How young married couple undergo various situations due to forced marriage. The entire film deals with the problems they face and how maturity dawns upon them.

Rahul, who was really good in the film Andala Rakshasi recently, disappoints in a major way. Niti Taylor repeats her usual style and mannerisms, yet again. Naagineedu’s comic act fails to make an impression. The less said about the acting of the rest of the cast, the better.

Ramakrishna had teamed up with Shivaji and Shraddha Das to make a just about watchable movie called Diary, a few years back. But Ramakrishna, has disappointed with his work in Pelli Pusthakam. The movie goes on troubling the audience’s right from the frame one. This direction of the film is not up to mark. As this film is a romantic comedy drama one the timing in comedy and emotions are very important. Ramakrishna did not show any command over handling the emotional or Comedy scenes. Screenplay of the film is pretty predictable. Dialogues in the film failed to make any impact. Cinematography is fine. Marthand K Venkatesth could have been crispier. Except for the one final song Shekar Chandrta music is not so effective, his BGM failed to emote the scenes.

It is at times fun to watch some mindless entertainers without caring for the logic. But Pelli Pusthakam just questions your intelligence and tests your patience. Go for this one only if you are ready to laugh watching such stuff.

Survi Review: 0.5/5

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