Devi Sri Prasad’s Yevadu (2013) Music Review

Energetic music director Devi Sri Prasad has composed the tunes for Ram Charans Yevadu. This is the first time Devi is composing the tunes for Ram Charans movie. He has delivered super hit songs to mega family earlier by composing music to Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan and Allu Arjuns films. With Devi stepping into the film, can we expect an energetic and a youthful album? Let’s check out.

Freedom — With the high energy genre to which this song belongs to, “Freedom” sounds a bit lackluster at first. It takes repeated hearings for the song to grow on you. The instrumental does give déjà vu, even the lyrics are surprisingly very run-of-the-mill. Devi Sri Prasad and Suchith Suresan lend their drilled vocals are just fine.

Neejathaga – Karthik and Shreya Ghoshal croons Neejathaga, a romantic song that is one of the best tracks on the album. The song has a soft classical tune to it and is accompanied by soothing vocals and lyrics by Sirivennela garu. Opens with a strumming guitar and sounds oddly similar to Nuvu Nuvu from Khadgam. However, the similarity ends as soon as the percussion beats kick in.

This song has uniquely precious lines such as “Kallokastav anukunna, tellarloo choosthu koorchunna, Raalede? jaadaina ledhe ?, Reppala bayate nenu unna, Avi moosthe vaddamanukunna padukove, paiga tidataave”, which when used for someone who is so madly in love, sounds like the most romantic thing one could say.

Ayyo Papam — A mischievous song, probably the most enjoyable song in this album which aptly suits the Vamshi Paidipally style. Mamata Sharma croons this song, and her husky and volatile vocals suit this naughty number well. Ranjith voice to this song makes sure to wake up the masses. Devi Sri Prasad maintained tempo throughout in order to make it good for dancing. So overall the song is both listenable and enjoyable with encouraging lyrics. No doubt, this mass item number will be a feast to fans in theaters.

Cheliya — Electronic Keyboard start, then adds the violin and then the electric guitar. The electric guitar is used quite differently together and the energetic vocal by KK that is the thing I just love. DSP gives it an electro-rock touch (Reminds us of Brathakali from Oosaravelli) and Chandra Bose gets creative with lines such as: “Cheliya Cheliya Cheliya Cheliya Maasi Chesthunde ee Dooram, Cheliya cheliya naa oopiro lo ninde undhe nee pranam”. The energetic BGM, the Chandrabose lyrics and the catchy vocal together make this song pretty interesting as long as the track is playing.

Oye Oye – A totally different track from DSP this time. Starts off like a hip hop – pop touch song with Andrea singing the vocals with a cheeky edge to her voice, while David Simon gives her company with “Na na na na na na Don’t follow me oo Hasina, Na na na na na na space ey ledu na gundelona”. It takes a couple of repeats to understand the lyrics for the untrained ear, but Sri Mani and DSP with his Rap makes for a puckish situational song.

Pimple Dimple — This sounds a little flat, even with the saving grace of Sagar and Ranina Reddy’s vocals. Everything sounds a little repetitive here. No freshness whatsoever.

Yevadu would have settled down to just being a fine album if not for Neejathaga and Cheliya. These are the two numbers that acts as the pillars of Yevadu that should not just add value to the album but also help the film gain added advantage in weeks to come. While Ayyo Papam and Oye Oye add further variety to the album, it’s the aforementioned dance numbers that are most enjoyable.

My Picks Neejathaga, Cheliya and Ayyo Papam.

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