Chris Renaud – Pierre Coffin’s Despicable Me 2 (2013) Movie Review


Starring: Benjamin Bratt, Dana Gaier, Elsie Fisher, Ken Jeong, Kristen Wiig, Miranda Cosgrove, Russell Brand, Steve Carrell
Directed: Chris Renaud, Pierre Coffin
Watched at Prasadz, Hyderabad

Director Pierre Coffin returns with the sequel to the successful 2010 film Despicable Me. Steve Carell lends his voice again for the lead character of Gru, who’s stepped it up as a fatherly figure and is no longer one of the world’s biggest villains. The result though is very much the same that fills the hour and half run-time perfectly. 
Coming to the story line Gru (Steve Carrell), former villain, is plucked out of his happy existence, now making jams and jellies in his former evil lair, raising Agnes and her two sisters as his daughters, and shanghai’d into the AVU (Anti Villain League) by Agent Lucy Wilder (Kristen Wiig) in order to capture a villain who has stolen something from the government. 
Pros: The adorable yellow creatures Minions, who appear to be made from marshmallow peeps and serve as Gru’s version of oompa-loompas are even more effective scene stealers than they were in the first part, whether wearing a fetching maid uniform – reacting to the taste of a very bad batch of jelly – suffering the effects of a transforming serum – Dancing in the end credits — they appear to be poised to take over the next chapter. It’s a fun 98 minutes runtime that’s what works best for the film, with an array of characters that continue to grab your attention. The voice artists are the real asset of the film with some unique voices that seem to suit the characters well. 
Cons: Despicable Me 2 never quite reaches the emotional vibrancy of the first, and this edition’s villain is not as interesting as Vector (visually – plot wise or in character). The story itself has moments where it could have been more, specifically in the working environment of the Mall Food Court, where we only meet two characters and it really could have been much more. As soon as new characters are introduced you can see exactly what is going to happen with them, and the whole spy theme is a little dragged. Not nearly as good as the first one, with a pretty predictable plot, but the sequel still maintains about the same level of prettiness and mood. 
Best Voice: Steve Carell continues to prove he is a fantastic voice actor as the tough, yet warm-hearted Gru. Kristen Wiig, who voiced the horrible foster mom, Mrs. Hattie in the first Despicable Me, returns here as Gru’s love interest. If it weren’t for the minions, Lucy might be the funniest character in the film. 
About 3D: Watch It in 3D. It adds so much depth to the film and of course, lots of 3d collection is used and it looks effortless. The best 3D effects of the film are in the end credits. And the minions doing I SWEAR is just hilarious. 
The Best Scene: When Minions try to save GRU from getting kidnapped!! 
Survi Verdict: This sequel may not have a great Pixar-level story, but it’s frequently rib-tickling, delightfully animated, extremely enjoyable that will please all ages. Worth A Watch…
Survi Review: 3/5 

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