Srikanth Vemulapalli’s Moksha (2013) Movie Review


Cast: Meera Jasmine, Disha Pandey, Rajeev Mohan, Nassar, Rahul Dev and Sana.

Direction: Srikanth Vemulapalli
Music Director: Vijay Kurakula
Watched at Sri Mayuri 70mm , Hyderabad.

Srinu (Rajeev Menon), a college student who being harassed in college by a gang. Meanwhile, Nisha (Disha Pandey) from the same gang gets attracted to his innocence, But Srinu rejects her.

One night, Nasser and Moksha (Meera jasmine) enter his apartment and Nasser locks down Moksha by keeping boards to windows and closing every gap in the room. Moksha only comes out in the night, that’s how she meets Srinu and started liking him. On the other hand, there were mysterious murders happening around the apartment. Even forensics and Cops failed to trace the clues behind the murders. Who does these murders? Why Moksha comes out in the night? Will Srinu propose Moksha? Forms the rest of the story line.

It’s my First Telugu Vampire movie in theaters. Here are few classic points about Vampire;
Most vampires suck blood out of the neck. 
Vampires can be frightening / seductive / creepy and even funny. But one thing they have to be is dangerous. There is no reflection in the mirror. In Moksha its creepy. 
Sunlight should burn them, turn them to stone.
Even things like Flashing a crucifix at them / Wear garlic / Rebuke them in the name of the Lord/ Spill a pound of rice – they’ll have to count every grain (u will chance to escape by that time.)

Let’s leave these points aside, Coming to Moksha movie doesn’t try to be too smart with the vampire subject. Srikanth Vemulapalli’s script is a fractured and amateurish one at best, stitched together with situations from various movies. Shankar seems to have been confused whether to come up with a romantic story or a thriller, and finally ends up making a senseless vampire movie.

Rajeev Menon lacks the maturity or even the fitness to portray such a character and that is quite evident in most frames. But he looks fairly okay when compared to the Meera Jasmine, who emotes worse than a log of wood. She talks in a screeching, softly and sometimes even shouts lines in an irritating style. She is perhaps the weakest link in the film, which even otherwise would have been a colossal failure on every count. Disha Pandey’s is only for skin show in two songs. Rahul Dev has nothing much to do but it is Nasser as a watchmen/ father of Moksha, who is surprisingly silly.

There are some efforts to tickle the funny bone with college gang as an idiotic ragging gang and it adds to the woes of the viewers. The film’s technical side is again a letdown and makes it look as if it’s made on a shoe-string budget. Venkata Prasad’s camera does no wonders, Vijay Kurakula tunes are tolerable.

Survi Verdict: Moksha, makes no impact whatsoever in the minds of the viewers as it has no tight script or narration to make it interesting. For those who have not seen the film, this illogical movie would be enough to drive them crazy. But for the viewers who have already watched the film, it is certainly a nightmare. Anyways Moksha proved one thing for sure, vampires aren’t the only things that SUCK…!!
Survi Review: 0.5/5

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