Anil Sunkara’s Action 3D (2013) Movie Review

Cast: Allari Naresh, Sudeep, Sunil, Kick Shyam, Posani, Vaibhav, Raju Sundaram, Sneha Ullal, Neelam Upadhyay, Kamna Jethmalani
Cinematography: Sarvesh Murari
Music: Bappi & Bappa Lahari
Censor Certificate: “A”
Runtime: 157 Minutes
Director: Anil Sunkara
Watched at “Prasadz”, Hyderabad

Ever since Avatar crouched its bloated, blue, Navi on International cinema, every big film that comes out with some semblance of special effects has “3D” pasted on top of it. Even our Indian makers tried few successful 3D films like Chota Chetan, Magic Magic, Delhi Safari earlier but most of the films cheated audience in the name of “3D” by converting 2D to 3D (It was basically a 2D experience) like Ra One, Don 2, and Dangerous Ishq.

Now, Tollywood showing its vogue in making 3D films. Allari Naresh starrer Action 3D is touted to be India’s first comedy 3D film. Simultaneously made in Telugu and Tamil (titled Aasu Raja Rani Jackie Matrum Joker) languages.

A group of friends (Shyam, Allari Naresh, Vaibhav & Raju Sundaram) visit Goa for a bachelor party days before the impending wedding. The film picks up the morning after the night before where the group, with no memory of the night before, try to piece together what went on the previous night including where the missing groom is, why one of them is missing a back tooth, where they’ve acquired a baby from and why they have a live tiger in their hotel bathroom.

Allari Naresh steals the show among the gang. Vaibhav is adequate and his character runs on the same lines of Goa. Raju Sundaram is unbearable reprising the same role of Zack Galifianakis. Shyam doesn’t have much of role to play in the movie. Neelam Upadhyay is appealing and she has major footage in the film than any other actress. Neelam sizzled in Nee Nadumoppulalo and Swathi muthyapu Jallulalo. Sheena Shahabadi has no role to play in this film except for dancing in a couple of songs. Sneha Ullal is unimpressive as a bar girl Sameera. Brahmanandam, Sunil and Posani comedy fail to evoke humour. Sudeep is okay as the comic bad guy. MS Narayana impresses with his Bommarilu, Dookudu and Gabbar Singh showreel.
Coming to technicalities, Anil Sunkara has taken the story of Hollywood film “Hangover 1” as an inspiration for this film. One of the reasons the Hangover stood out because of its original comedy. And Action 3D has really bad humour which doesn’t work at all. The lines are sloppy, it relies too much on physical comedy like throwing things and running around. Even after all these things you don’t even bother to give pity laughs. Music by Bappa & Bappi lahari are promising, Background score failed to raise the bar.

Director Anil Sunkara tries to use the scenes from Goa, Hey Babyy, Dhamaal and Few Telugu Films for the comic effect as he definitely didn’t have anything new to offer.

However, technically the film has been worked upon, which clearly shows and its 3D effects are well supported by its first rate Cinematography (Sarvesh Murari). But still I found the 3D scenes, which at once reach out to you, quite less than what was being expected.

With a duration of 157 minutes it’s really hard to sit through this so called comedy film. And the blame completely goes to the writer and the director who fail to deliver miserably in this much awaited film of 2013.

Survi VerdictEveryone really liked Hangover because it was a very funny and original film. But Action 3D turned out to be a worst possible free make of Hangover. To cut a long story short, You need guts to TOLERATE this kind of ENTERTAINMENT.. Stay Away!!

Survi Review: 1.5/5

Bottom Line: Over – Action in 3D

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