Syed Hussain’s Paisa Potti Problem (2013) Movie Review


Director: S.Hussain
Cast: Mast Ali, Feroz Khan, Raja Sagoo,Resham Thakkar Manorama Singh, Dolly Tomar
Choreographer: Armaan Khan
Music Director: Praveen Surya
Watched at Ramakrishna 70mm, Hyderabad

After the grand success of The Angrez (2006) there were about a dozen releases till now, like Kal ka Nawab, Hyderabad Nawaabs, Aadab Hyderabad, Hungama In Dubai, Zabardasth etc. None of them quite succeeded in creating the impression and the appeal of the Angrez. Let’s check out whether Paisa Potti Problem changes the equations.
A happy-go-lucky guy Feroz Khan, the son of a junkyard dealer, whose only pastime was chilling out with friends and the girl he loved. His life take a u-turn when he finds a purse with 50 diamonds in one of the junk pots. And he and his friends (Mast Ali, Raja Sagoo) try to know the actual market value by selling 3 diamonds for 15 lakhs. So far so good, you’d be tempted to say. Actually, not very. There is no spark in the narration, and the director uses very cut and dry methods that aren’t in the least funny.
Money changes everything, that’s how the trio start enjoying and forgetting the love of their life. How the trio realize their true love & how do they tackle owner of the diamonds “Don” Bikku bhai forms the rest of the story line.
With such a predictable script, Syed Hussain takes his film to a further low by his unimaginative direction. The ordinary camera work and uninspiring music dampens the film’s quality.
Mast Ali goes several steps down in his performance, which may be due to the director’s incompetence. Even actresses Resham Thakkar, Manorama Singh and Dolly Tomar are miserable in this film. Nothing much could be said about other artistes.
Paisa Potti Problem is a disaster from the word go. These sequences may not bring any smile to your face, but are sure to escalate boredom. The film has nothing but an thin plot, loaded with some forced action and comedy, not to forget the deathly pace of narration. It may be good to avoid this film in these days when the IPL viewing comes as a better alternative.
Survi Review: 1/5

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