Meher Ramesh’s Shadow (2013) Movie Review

Director Meher Ramesh is coming back with Shadow after disastrous Shakti. Meher has directed three films in the past and none of them really met with the expectations and became successful. His debut film Kantri was a copy of Pokiri and got lukewarm response at the box office. His second film Billa was a remake of Tamil Billa and despite high budget and extreme hype, Billa ended up as an average fare. Then came Shakti which was one of the biggest duds in Tollywood history. Which is inspired from Tollywood mega hit Magadheera. He had to wait for so long to get another chance and finally it was Venkatesh who believed in Meher’s talent. With Shadow, the director is presenting Venky in a stylish avatar. Let’s check more whether Meher Ramesh deliver the first hit of his career with Shadow?
Let’s start off with the storyline of Shadow, ACP Pratap (Srikanth) flies to Malaysia knowing that dreaded don Nana Bhai (Aditya Pancholi) along with his brothers and aides planned bomb blasts at unknown locations in India. However even before he could nab and bring them to India, they are eliminated by unknown person Shadow (Venkatesh). Whats motive of Shadow? Why he is behind Nana and group? Forms the rest of the storyline.
The performances, barring those of the lead actors, make you cringe in your seats. Venkatesh is entertaining in parts. His long hair, new styling didn’t suit him. Taapsee confined to glamor role. She overdid in few of the scenes. Naga Babu, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Mukesh Rishi, Aditya Pancholi, Rao Ramesh, Rahul Dev, Supreeth, Sayaji Shindey have limited scope to perform. Director failed to develop characterizations. MS Narayana is good as Donga Srinivasa Rao a postmortem specialist.
Meher Ramesh has made the film in style but it lacks much substance. The story proceeds from bad to worse and then drops down into the pits in no time, leaving you appalled at how goofy and unprofessional things could get while making a film. With a half-baked script that never really keeps you glued on to the narrative, this film ends up being an amateurish to a certain extent. It will remind you parts of Munna, Chatrapathi & Kick. There is no way in which you could ignore the blandness of the movie and move on. It draws you right into its midst with its mediocrity and the clumsy and ineffective plot does contribute to its ultimate undoing as well.

Meher add-ons:

  • Lifting Bike on second wheel to go faster
  • Geeta & Madhurima gets out without an minor injury in an grenade attack
  • Making a 3 cars crash with 3 bullets
  • Using Mobile Game to fire a gun to kill Nana
  • Healing Skull Crack & Blood clot (Amnesia) as soon as Hero sees his mother
  • In a sound where People can’t hear 3 bullets sound, but hero can make a call and talk with the Commissioner
  • Hero calls everyone uncle & aunty but he calls madhurima with her name.
  • Spoofing his own film scenes with MS Narayana & Taapsee (Srinu Vytla Touch)
  • Using Semi-automatic guns as machine guns in the climax
  • Srikanth lives even after villains hits him 5 bullets at chest area.
The music is atrocious and the dance direction totally clumsy. I was aghast at the background score of the film that sounded like musical bits and pieces joined together with no sense of wholeness whatsoever. The locations of two songs are good. Picturization of the songs are fine. The production values are grand.
No point in detailing and criticize to find out the merits and de merits of attempts like this, which are not meant to be taken seriously. Shadow will surely compete for the worst movie of recent times and it will take some beating.
Survi Review: 1.5/5

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