Kishore Kumar Pardasani’s Tadakha (2013) Movie Review

Cast : Naga Chaitanya, Sunil, Tamanna, Andrea Jeremiah
Director : Kishore Kumar
Producer : Bellamkonda Ganesh
Genre : Romance
Music : S. Thaman
Censor Certificate: U/A
Runtime: 146 Minutes
Sunil’s Mr.Pellikoduku was a proven disaster at the box office. Naga Chaitanya’s Dhada and Bezawada too bit the dust. In this scenario, director Kishore Kumar brings these two stars together for Tadakha. Let’s check out whether Movie showed its Tadakhaor not…
Shiva Ram Krishna (Sunil) gets his father Venkat Rao’s (Naga Babu) Sub Inspector Job after he expires due to heartattack. He has younger brother names Karthik(Naga Chaitanya). All hell breaks loose when smuggler Bagga (Ashutosh Rana) comes to know that SI Shiva Rama Krishna was not the man who is crossing his way but his brother Karthik (Naga Chaitanya). How the brothers Shiva Rama Krishna who gets married to Nandu (Andrea Jermiah) and Kartik deeply in love with Pallavi (Tamanna) tackle the problem of Bagga forms rest of Tadhaka.
Naga Chaitanya has effortlessly carried his role and his fans will certainly enjoy his performance in the film. He is at ease in the dance and fight sequences. Tadakha makes you fervently wish to see the actor in mass roles yet again, and Sunil plays the co-brother pretty well. Andrea and Tamanna who play the sisters are adequate. Rama Prabha Srinivas Reddy and Brahmanandam comedy is good in parts. Ashutosh Rana was good as well and had good screen presence and expressions, especially during close-up shots, though he struggled a bit with the dialogue delivery which was little bit out of sync. The rest of the characters are okay and supportive.
This film is a remake of Tamil hit called Vettai. Direction of the film is mediocre. Kishore Kumar Pardasani& Deepak Raj’s script ads a bit of freshness, but what adds additional strength is Vema Reddy & Kishore Kumar Pardasani’s dialogues.  Vema Reddy & Kishore Kumar Pardasani‘s words are simple and stylish at the same time, which enhances the actionmood of the script very well. Screenplay dragged in the second half. Taking and shot-making of the film is fine.
Few scenes make a good impact with masses, for example the ‘Mirror’ scene which evokes laughter from all. Not to forget some good action scenes, Naga Chaitanya’s encounter with the villains during a blood donation camp scene and Sunil’s second half intro scene was racy and engaging. 
Music director Thaman SS shows his talent through his background score, which is aptly suited. Songs failed to make any impact. Arthur A. Wilson’s camera work is the film’s first class. He had a fun time shooting this film and it was evident with the brilliant shots displayed in the film. His low angles and close-ups gives the right mood and feel for the film, especially during the fight sequences. Fightsby Ram-Lakshman, Kanal Kannan, and Ravi Varma are well choreographed and composed which gives the adrenalin-pumping feel, though it is a mildly out of logic. Editing by Gautham Raju could have been crispier. Production values of new banner Sri Sai Ganesh Productions are excellent.
Survi VerdictTadakha lacks the punch of the original. But its best watched when you really have no other work in the world and have an amazing company to deflect your attention. Worth a Watch for Mass Audience.
Survi Review: 2.5/5

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