Kanmani’s Chukkalanti Ammayi Chakkanaina Abbayi (2013) Movie Review

Director : Kanmani
Producer : Rajkumar Harwani, Gogineni Srinivas
Music Director : Anoop Rubens
Cast: Tarun, Vimala Raman, Pragathi, Kasi Vishwanath, Brahmaandam, Pragathi and Dharmavarupu Subramanyam
Run time: 120 Minutes
After a long delay, finally, Lover Boy Tarun starrer Chukkalanti Ammayi Chakkanaina Abbayi is released today.  Tarun and Vimala have been struggling for quite some time now for a success in their career. The film was supposed to have been completeda long while back but due to reasons its release was delayed. Both the actors have a lots of hope on this one. In spite of directors being changed, director Kanmanihas successfully completed this film under the Rajkumar Harwani productions. Let’s check out review for more details…

Sanjay (Tarun) a careless guy who didn’t listen to his father words to enter in to his business and settle in life. Instead he flies to Bangkok and there he turns as VJ for Love Guru programme and enjoys the income. On the other hand, Sameera(Vimala Raman) is an orphan, she is studying medicine at Bangkok, staying with her aunt Pragathi. Sanjay and Sameera fall in love with each other within no time and both decide to have live in relationship before they enter into wedlock. Will she accepts the offer or not? Will Sameera’s aunt accept their love? Forms the rest of the story line.

Performances wise Chukkalanti Ammayi Chakkanaina Abbayi vary from adequate to appalling. Tarun tries hard to portray the role. Vimala Raman is stony-faced in CACA, should have worked hard. Even senior actors like Kasi Vishwanath, Brahmaandam, Pragathi and Dharmavarupu Subramanyam, who look bewildered at the kind of scenario that they have found themselves in. Especially dubbing for Dharmavarupu Subramanyam, sounded very bad.

The initial part of the movie is directed by Raj Aditya, Producers roped in V N Aditya after Raj Aditya’s demise. Suddenly Kanmani came into picture and he directed the remaining part of the movie. Director brings successful Salaam Namasthe to Telugu screens with heavy modifications, it needs brilliant screenplay to make audience glued to the screen like the original. But director could not mold his script right, which resulted in bad screenplay and uninteresting narration. Director Kanmani need to perfect his direction skills before taking up his next project. Dialogues in the film are casual. Photography is second rate. Music by Anup Rubens is okay, but the BGM is unbearable. Gautham Raju failed to edit the movie in an interesting way. Production values are all right.

Survi Verdict: First half of the film is awful. Second half is terrible. The director failed in handling the film in interesting way. To cut a long story short, CACA tells a successful Salaam Namasthe tale, in a manner that is as antediluvian.

Survi Review: 0.5/5

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