R.Kannan’s Crazy (2013) Movie Review


Cast: Arya, Hansika Motwani, Anjali, Santhanam, Nassar, Premji Amaran
Music Director:Thaman SS
Director: Kannan
Producer: Suresh Kondeti
Runtime: 123 Minutes
Watched at Devi 70mm, Hyderabad

Delhi belly, A Bollywood Trendsetter that released couple of years back, trialed the realms of Indian cinema with its Bold and Crass stuff. It proved to be a bench mark for many Bollywood films later on. From the day Delhi Belly remake launched, I was very skeptical about its relevance to South audience. The place, the language, the life style which are the blood and soul of the whole tale is completely alien to South audience.

Coming to the plot of Crazy, It revolves around three youngsters JK, Nagaraj and Cheenu who are working in a news media. JK‘s Girlfriend happens to deal with a diamond smuggler and was asked to deliver a package to a man unaware about its content. Unfortunately some mix-ups happen and the delivery wasn’t done properly. The problems the three guys gets to face after this and how they manage to pull out of this is what basically Crazy all about.

Arya looks trendy throughout the movie but the character does not suit him well. Few scenes are nicely done by Arya. Hansika and Anjali are the leading actresses in the movie showing love interest on Arya. Their love portions are very weak througout the movie. Hansika as the dumb air hostess was a pathetic choice, since she was dafter in the role and was not even close to Shehnaz who was cast in the original. Anjali is a good performer, she does not look comfy in that polished, modern look. But someone else would have pulled off an even more convincing performance. Premji’s acting is just ok. Through the song “Nuvemo Super Maina Nenu emo Dust-u bin-ah” he impresses the audience. Santhanam the luckiest actor in this performance group he gets the best dialogues and scenes as Center page Naaki. Rest of the cast is supportive.

R.Kannan who made a boring remake of ‘Jab We Met’ (Priya Priyathama with Tamannah in Lead) a few years back has made a second attempt at remaking another Bollywood, which is far better than his earlier attempt, but the choice of remake has let him down this time.

This is how the makers would have thought of before remaking Delhi Belly…
  1. Buy the flick rights with a decent amount
  2. Check the Actual budget of the FILM and FIX to half or Less Budget for the Remake
  3. Also Check the Details of the Sets and Places they SHOT the flick (For Cost Cutting/Not Missing the DELHI BELLY feel)
  4. That’s how SOUTH remake shot in MUMBAI to provide the touch of DELHI BELLY
  5. Replace the CAST for SOUTH NATIVITY touch
  6. Remove the CRASS/BOLD stuff assuming SOUTH audience are GROWN up KIDS. So that everyone can watch this flick with family & they can earn profits by remaking dubbing to regional languages. That’s how they managed to take “U” certification for this movie.
This is how some of the self-proclaimed Directors spoil the legendary South cinema’s image by spoiling a cult movie in an attempt to serve it locally. Remaking a classic movie like Delhi Belly into a neat family entertainer requires a great effort in screenplay writing combined with an impeccable sense of humor. He seems to lack both and has landed up with a lukewarm attempt that doesn’t do justice for both the original and its remake. Even dubbing of the film is very diffident with no bold effort. Thaman’s songs though sounding fine don’t appear appropriate on screen. His BGM retains most of the original’s catchy and bouncy tracks. The camerawork is pretty neat. Editing work could have better. Production values are good.

Crazy errs ,
  • Producer not thinking about the TASTE of South Audience
  • Making few changes to get U certificate ( Don’t know the purpose of making a ‘U’ certified version of ‘A’ certified Successful Product) in spite of getting “U” certificate, there are many scenes which won’t suit the family audience. What’s use of taking the certificate then.
  • Taking Kannan as a DIRECTOR, who already given a DUMB version of JAB WE MET few years ago. Dear Kannan please don’t even think of remaking Bollywood classics in future.
Overall, CRAZY shows a CLASSIC flick in SICK way… Wait for DVD…

Survi Review: 1.5/5

Theatrical Trailer:

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