Sudhir Raju’s Rye Rye (2013) Movie Review


Cast-Sri,Aksha,Vamsi,Ahuti Prasad,Tanusha,Chitram Srinu,Allari Subhashini,Chanti and others
Screenplay, Direction-Sudhir Raju
Music-Sri Vasanth

Close friends Seenu (Sri), Rambabu (Chitram Seenu), Chanti (Chanti) earns the wrath of Villagers as they torture them with their unruly acts. But they continue with their deeds without changing their ways. Seenu fall in love at first sight with village head Bhadram (Ahuthi Prasad) daughter Lakshmi (Aksha) who returns to village after completing her studies. Seenu, Lakshmi decide to run away from the village to get married as they feel that Bhadram will not agree for it.

This film is Srinivas’s second film. His body language is little stiff and he should learn to be more natural. His dialogue delivery needs maturity. Aksha is adequate as heroine. She provided the skin show. Ahuthi Prasad is OK as an over caring father. Chitram Seenu & Chanti are wasted in supporting roles.

Story of the film is routine and reminds us of few romantic – mass films. Direction by Sudhir Raju is middling. Screenplay of the film is shabby. Narration is uninteresting. The technical values of the film are so bad that you feel that the cameraman was absent during the shooting. Music director Srivasanth is an asset, though most of the tunes are inspired by old tunes by other music directors. The songs are poorly picturized. Editing is mediocre. Production values of the film are pretty average. Dialogues in this film are average.

First half is boring with predictable narration. Second half is pretty heavy with unnecessary fights and exaggerated dramatization. Climax is a negative point. The plus points are Music and Aksha oomph factor. Minus points are screenplay, direction and narration. On the whole, Rye Rye is a worthless film. Avoid it.

Survi Review: 1/5

Theatrical Trailer:

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