Sekhar Suri’s Aravind 2 (2013) Movie Review


Cast   : Srinivas, MadhaviLatha , Kamal Kamaraju , SrinivasAvasarala , Adonica
Director     : ShekharSuri
Producer   : G. Phanindra, G. Vijay Choudary
Music : Vijay Kurakula
Cinematography : K. RajendraBabu
Censor Certificate : A
Runtime : 153 Minutes

Sekhar Suri’s directorial venture A Film ByAravind starring Rajiv Kanakala, Rishi and Mona Chopra in leads, has received a very response at the Box Office. Encouraged by its success, the director is set to make his comeback with a sequel to this horror movie, after a gap of seven years as ‘Aravid 2’.

Aravind (Sri) who was interrogated for deaths of five of his friends at Dandelli forest near Karnataka by Officer (Banerjee) in Goa Central Prison. When he uses third degree, his sub-ordinate who happens to be Priya’s (Madhavi Latha) father. He believes Aravind and asks him to escape as the officer is hand in hand with Mayor whose son Joseph goes missing.

Aravind while escaping from mayor’s thugs who are out to kill him, bumps into a film unit who was out on shooting in Goa and the director (Srinivas Avasarala) who selects him as second hero. The unit has Rishi (Kamal Kamaraju) as hero and Tanushka (Adonika) as heroine. When the film unit shifts shooting to Dandelli forest, one by one in the group gets killed. Who is the killer and what is the reason behind the gruesome murders and whether anyone will survive should be unraveled on silver screen.

Of the six lead performers, Kamal Kamaraju turns out the winner, and looks good. Srinivas is intolerable, he narrating the scenes (Character Driven?) in the second half are horrible. Srinivas Avasarala has nothing much to do. Adonica & Sri Reddy Mallidi provided the oomph factor to the movie. Madhavi Latha has been wasted in a rather inconsequential role. Surya looks totally out of place. Rest of the character are supportive. Even, Hefty Psycho looks promising.

This film is inspired from Hollywood films like Wrong Turn. Director Sekhar Suri has managed to make the film in a pace that never lets the viewer think too much. Rewind the story once again after coming out of the theatres and you will start realizing the weak links. Like, No one think about the missing crew until some one survived from the Psycho. Don’t know why director in search of locations after reaching the shooting shot. Six bullet revolver turning into Automatic Revolver in the climax.

Arrvind 2 does manage to hold its pieces together until about the interval, when Psycho takes the dead body into his den and where the director shows Psycho’s mother picture in the frame, later shows the girl who is surviving without food in the den. It’s a drop down, from that point onwards, as the story takes a plunge into predictable territory.

Music by Vijay Kurakula is average. Photography by K. Rajendra Babu is fair. Background music is loud and forced dominating the dialogues most of the time. Editing of the film leaves a lot to be desired.

Survi Verdict: Arrvind 2 tells a story that is modeled on the kind of films, which were popular a decade back, and never for a moment makes an attempt to rise above the mundane plane that it sets its characters on. This ain’t any comeback for Sekhar Suri for sure. We need to wait further more to see the writer back in form.

Survi Review: 1.5/5

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