Govardhana Krishna’s 3G Love (2013) Movie Review


Cast: New Cast
Director : Govardhana Krishna
Music Director :Shekar Chandra
Producer :Prathap Kolagatla
Censor Certificate: ARuntime: 142 Minutes

The vinyl designs and posters of “3G Love” looked interested and appealing, even the stills and the promos of the film showed promise. But, alas, it’s an effort gone waste.

In a days where love is nothing but lifestyle for the girls who see a financier in the boy, for the boys who see a sex object in the girl.

Not like in olden days when people used to sacrifice everything for love. This attitude has completely changed in now a days. This fast generation is always passionate to messaging through present social networking portals. They are having clear idea about where they are. So love is less important for 3 Gen x youngsters.

A band of good for nothing youngsters gather and discuss nonsense things. These discussions are shown into scenes, sequences and made into far bigger picture. Not more than that. Youngsters studying in an Engineering College share their interests. Well, do not expect  these as professional interests. Its pure personal. While girls in Ladies Hostel are confused on whether to maintain one Boy Friend or run multiple affairs at a time, boys always starve only and only for sex. In between is one of the girl’s father (Rao Ramesh) offering the same lessons.

Finally the film ends up with many unconvincing twists and turns much to the relief of the helpless audience.

Making a film with newcomers is no cakewalk. New comers failed to give an impressive performances. Every actor and actress are very poor in looks department and mediocre in histrionics aspect.

The music (Shekar Chandra) has an edge over other technicians, but the main villain of the film is the first time director (Govardhana Krishna) himself, who with his weak script has presented a tasteless curry to the audience. It is a perfect example to show how bad direction can change moral force of a film and turn it upside down.

The film falls flat in all the departments. Lot of things are added to the script like love, failure, infatuation and obsessive love, but nothing makes an impact because it’s not written effectively. Cinematography is second-rate. Editing could have been crispier. Dialogues are promising in parts.

Survi Verdict: 3G Love pretty feeble, dramatic and sheer foolish and would ride away to obliviousness in no time.

Survi Review: 1/5

Theatrical Trailer:

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