NSR Prasad’s Shatruvu (2013) Movie Review


Cast: Srikanth, Aksha, Rehman, Giri Babu, Brahmanandam, Raghubabu, Jocky, Prabhakar and Duvvasi Mohan
Direction: NSR Prasad
Music: Gaana
Censor Rating: A
Runtime: 136 Minutes
Watched at Devi 70mm, Hyderabad
Theater Status: 60%

Srikanth is one actor who does not seem to be discouraged by the results of his movies.  Even his recent outings in Telugu  are better to be forgotten ( Lucky , Deva Raya, Sevakudu ) which dipped without a trace big time does not seem to slow him down . His second outing in 2013 Shatruvu is being directed by NSR Prsad. The film has Aksha in the female lead. Lets check out the review for more details.

Staruvu about A Hyderabad Mayor Aravind (Rehman) brings up his daughter Anusha (Aksha) with lot of love. Anusha leaves for Bangkok her higher studies. Besides pursuing her MBA studies, she also learns Tennis and she falls for Karthik, who wants to become a big Tennis player. So Anu sends him to Hyderabad to take his father’s help to achieve his goals. But things take different twist in her life. She runs back to India and takes help of local goon Shankaranna (Srikanth). How the Srikanth – Aksha manage to change her father’s mistakes? Will Srikanth – Aksha marry? Who is Karthik? forms the crux of the story.

Coming to performances, Srikanth is fine in this film. Aksha expressed herself in a promising way. Raghubabu – Duvvasi Mohan tried to provide some entertainment, but their characterizations were not fully evolved. Rehman – Jocky are adequate as negative leads. Rest of the characters are okay in their respective characters.

The story line has too many layers and the unraveling is in a simple manner. In the end audience are left with a feeling that it was a simple story, spoiled with amateur direction. The performances by all the actors in their individual capacities are okay, but the film as a whole should have been better edited. The script should have been better worked on.

Cinematography of the film is bad. There is no proper lighting for most of the scenes. Music of the film is not up to the mark. Dialogues are clumsy. Production values of the film are cheap.

On the whole, Shatruvu is ridiculous, makes one wonder why such films are being made at all. Without a decent story-line  script or logics, this film is a mish mash of some  Telugu movies and narrated in a dull manner.

Survi Review: 1/5

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