Nani Krishna’s Devaraya (2012) Movie Review


Cast: Srikanth, Meenakshi Dixit, Vidisha etc…
Music Director: Chakri
Director: Nani Krishna
Watching at Cinemax, Banjarahills

Dora Babu (srikanth) he is Casanova of Amalapuram and his daily activity is enjoying his life with his gang. Swapna (Vidisha) comes into Dora Babu life and both fall in love with each other. Everything goes fine till engagement day, a Agora wants Dora Babu not to get married because he as to complete the unfinished work of king Sri Krishna Devaraya and he has to sacrifice his life. Will Dora Babu finish the undone work? What’s relation between Dorababu & Krishna Devaraya? Forms the rest of the story line…

Srikanth proves that he is a good performer and his chemistry with Vidisha works very well. Meenakshi Dixit is okay. Vidisha looks stunning in songs; but her performance lacks the support of a good script. Ranganath is fine in some parts. M S Narayana and team comedy sequences work well in the first half. Rest of the cast is passable.

It is a decent story, but could have been narrated in a more interesting manner. One feels something more was required to make the script effective. Devaraya seems little confused between making a full length socio fantasy film or a full-fledged commercial mass movie. Though Devaraya starts off as a Socio-Comedy film, it has serious overtones in some sequences in the second half. The director has tried to be honest, but has not been successful in his attempt. The film’s narration is so inconsistent and the pace is so slow that this experiment fails to make any impact on the audience.

Photography by Poorna is okay. Songs scored by Chakri are mediocre. Background music is fine. Dialogues are adequate. Editing by Dharmendra could have been better. Graphics are unconvincing. Sunray International production values are good.

The film’s first half is tolerable, but the second half makes you restless. This film is very raw and tests your patience sometimes. Devaraya is a let down for movie lovers who expected a good film from Srikanth. You can watch this film if you want to know how not to make a Socio Fantasy film in Telugu.

Survi Review: 1.5/5

Theatrical Trailer:

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