Jitender’s Yamaho Yama In America (2012) Movie Review


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Cast: Sai Ram Shankar, Parvathi Melton, Srihari, Sanjjanaa…
Director: Jitender Y
Producer: G Vijaykumar Goud
Cinematography: Bharani K Dharan
Editing: Marthand K. Venkatesh
Music: Mahathi
Watched at Sreeramulu 70MM, Moosapet.

Yamaho Yamaha attempts to explain fantasy tale of Yama – the lord of death. Balu (Sai Ramn Shankar) a Yama (Srihari) devotee right from the childhood and was even sent to overseas so that astrologers forecast that he would die at the age of 25yrs. Yama at the same time was forced by his wife to descend down to earth to bring change in their one and only devotee Balu who makes his livelihood by cheating others in US. Seeing this Yama’s wife is offended at their devotee Balu making his living by cheating people and asks Yama to bring change in him with a warning that she would leave him, if he don’t follow his request.Will Yama change Balu? Will Balu reveal the secret behind his devotion towards Yama? Forms the rest of the storyline…

Yamaho Yama falters from the first sequence and you would be made to wonder as to why some unrelated sequences are added. The film drags on with such inconsequential sequences where dialogues are filled without making an impact. And the musical score of the film is inconsistent. There are two good songs, but the remaining songs are not up to the mark. And even the songs are shot mediocre; Director Jitender has failed to draw decent performances from the artistes. Sairam, Sanjana and Parvathi Melton have not been able to make any impact. Srihari and MS Narayana look dignified in their roles, which brings in some relief to the much-harassed audience.

LOL Scenes:

  • Jumping on TIGER to save a small girl from its attack on MAIN ROAD n making Jungle Raja realize that it’s not the right place to stay inn with Introduction song.
  • ARUNDATHI inspired INTRO of Yama with D-grade ANIMATION.
  • Making SAIRAM Shankar leave INDIA to prevent the forecast of AGORA. Why… Indian GODS have VISA problems in Other Countries?
  • Sanjana attempt to SUICIDE, as her DOG (Yes!! Dog) not expressing its love towards her.
  • SAIRAM Shankar showing Slumdog Millionaire film shots to cover his cheating things and seeing those shots Parvathi Melton falls in LOVE with him for his efforts towards orphans.
  • Villain chops off every ones head but gives time to HERO to play with Villains n Run Way with HEROINE in the end.

First half of Yamaho Yama is meaningless and second half is boring. It is the fractured screenplay and its unimaginative narrative style that is the major flaw with this Socio Fantasy film. The viewer gets the feeling that the makers of the film had too much to tell, but they just didn’t know how to do it, in a gripping way. Yamaho Yama is an utterly irritating film, watch it only if you can bear 130 minutes of unabashed torture…

Survi Review: 1/5

Theatrical Trailer:

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