E. Satti Babu’s Yamudiki Mogudu: Ee Nela Thakkuvodu (2012) Movie Review


Allari Naresh after a big hit in Sudigadu is coming up with a Socio Fantasy film Yamudiki Mogudu which is releasing in a big way today. Movie completed censor formalities and received U/A certificate. Allari Naresh and Richa Panai are in the lead roles in this socio fantasy film Yamudiki Mogudu.

Produced by Chanti Addala on Friendly Movies banner, Sayaji Shinde will be seen in the role of Yama and Ramyakrishna will play his wife. The film will have about 70 minutes of graphics which will one of the highlights. Music is by Koti and Camera is by K Ravindrababu. lets check out the review…

Naresh (Allari Naresh) born with Super Natural powers due to a small mistake of Bhrama (Chalapathi Rao). One day in a gambit by Naradamunni (Naresh) Naresh makes a wish and Yamudu (Shayaji Shinde)’s Daughter Yamaja (Richa Panai) comes to Bhoolokam. During a stage play Naresh and Yamaja get married, believing it Yamaja falls behind Naresh (Calling Mogudu). Later Naresh accepts her and when everything getting fine Yamudu enters separates both. Will Yamudu accept a human marrying his daughter? How will Naresh get back his love from Yamalokam?  Forms the rest of the story line…

Allari Naresh has done a fine job but Richa Panai hams it up most of the time. The rest of the cast, including Chalapathi, Naresh, Shayaji Shinde and Ramya Krishna, have done their jobs okay. Direction of the film is inadequate. Screenplay is sloppy. Music of the film is ordinary. Background music is alright. The rhyming dialogues in the first half deserve a special mention. Cinematography of the film is adequate. Editing could have been crispier. Graphics are not so attractive. Production values are good.

Survi Verdict: Yamudiki Mogadu has an inherent honesty about the storyline for sure, but even then it affects you with a shaky script and tad too slow narrative style (Esp. in the Second Half). Positives of Yamudiki Mogudu are Allari Naresh, Comedy in Parts (First half) & Storyline. On the flip side its slow narration, second half, songs and drags in-between and climax. Now if you think all these fit your concept of entertainments, well, give this one a try or wait for its DVD.

Survi Review: 2/5

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