Anish Yohan Kuruvilla’s Ko Ante Koti (2012) Movie Review

Ko Ante Koti 1

Starring: Sharwanand,Priya Anand,Srihari
Director: Anish Yohan Kuruvilla
Producer: Sharwanand
Banner: Sarvaa Arts
Music: Shakti Kanth Karthick
Runtime: 137 Minutes
Watched at Prasads, Hyderabad.

We always have it in our movies, when the hero is a thief, he will have a reason for becoming one baddie and later he gets a reason to be good. It happens here as well and the best thing about director Anish’s work is that, for a change, you see the climax cuts in the first frame itself. Sadly, there are not many surprises left from then on.

NO people in Universe are perfect, how the situations make the people to change, what made them to change from their original characters this is what showcased in this film.

Vamsi (Sarvanand) who wants to lead a peaceful life forgetting all his past is not allowed to do so by a jail inmate Maya Master (Srihari) who threaten him to tip his existence to police as he escaped from jail unless he join hands with him and his gang to loot Diamond House, a place where corrupt hides their black money. What happens next and whether everything goes according to the plan should be found out on screen.

The acting is pretty good, though sometimes it get hammy. Sarvanand is good as usual and performed really well. Priya Anand is pretty charming and performed well. But it is Srihari who is going to walk away with honors with his compact histrionics. Lakshman & Nischal justified their roles as Chitti and PC.

There are some nice moments in Ko Ante Koti, no denying that, but mostly things happen on a predictable track. Director Anish Yohan Kuruvilla has shown lots of promise than his earlier film, Avakai Biryani, but here he done an average show at best. The trouble with the film is that it lacks a punch and is slow paced, predictable and has no big twists or turns.

Among the best thing about the film is the cinematography by Erukulla RakeshNaveen Yadav that adds to the mood of the story in a huge way. Shakti Kanth Karthick‘s music is good. Editing & Rerecording could have been better. Dialogues are effective in parts. Production values are fine.

The basic concept is interesting but the makers of the film fail to transform the charm on to the screen, beyond a point. Ko Ante Koti is a watchable fare but it gives the feeling that things could have been much better if the makers had approached it with more passion. On the whole, Ko Ante Koti — For those who are looking for something different on Tollywood Screens.

Survi Review: 2.5/5

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