Maruthi’s Bus Stop (2012) Movie Review


CastPrince, Sri Divya, Sai Kumar Pampana, Kanna, Rakshitha, Rao Ramesh Music – JB Cinematographer – Prabhakar Reddy Direction: Maruthi Watched at Eeshwar, Medhadipatnam.

After the successful movie like Ee Rojullo director Maruthi is coming up with one more youthful entertainer movie Bus Stop. Let us see how successful in attracting audience.

Story: Srinu (Prince) will be faced with a tricky situation of going whether to attend for an interview to a top MNC or to meet his girl friend Shailu (Nanditha). The story moves to flash back on how four letter word ‘Love’ disturbed their feelings, their jolly life with friends, friendly fights during college days and parents’ restrictions. What Srinu decides and how his decision is bearing on his future has to be seen on silver screen.

Performances: Among the main star cast Kanna – Rakshitha makes the impact. Prince – Sri Divya decent in their performances.  Rao Ramesh & Parent gang evokes humor & sentiment in their limited roles. Saikumar Pampana is good in his role.

Technicalities: Maruthi has a unique style of making Teenage entertainer. And this one belongs to that genre. He tried to insert all the emotions in Teenage – Parent Love. Screenplay and direction of this film is pretty normal and to some extent bland. Dialogues in the film filled with Double Meaning stuff, but director failed to utilize them perfectly. Music by JB is fine.  Editing could have been better. Cinematography by Prabhakar Reddy is first-rate. Production Values are good.

Story tried to add Parent Love – Under Graduation Infatuation/Love – Negative Attitude in Families for Love – Realization / Reality in Teenage Love – Understanding Parents in the end. Though it has every colour in teenage love it’s not so effective. As director said in the end LIFE is a compromise where we need to compromise in certain things to maintain the stability in LIFE. Even Maruthi tried to rush things to give the stability to the story, but he failed and compromised with the script & characterizations.

Survi Verdict: Bus Stop starts off hunky-dory. But the second half is compromised and hauled in the end. The Typical teenage entertainer tried to cash in the success of Ee Rojullo, Aimed at the youth, with Double Meaning stuff and a Message in the End. Which look unneeded and ho-hum at times. You can watch it on your Home Theater at leisure. If you want to watch it on the big screen, watch this movie with low expectations.

Tag line: A compromised stuff for compromising audience.

Survi Review: 2/5

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3 thoughts on “Maruthi’s Bus Stop (2012) Movie Review

  1. Ido pedha fashion aipoyindi bhayya…prathi dialoug lo double meaning petti danni youthful entertainer antam, 2 hours parama chetha chupinchi last 10 edo message ichi message oriented movie anatam…we shouldn’t encourage there kind of directors.

  2. Yeah thats what… Ee Rojullo had a decent bit of BOTTHU for fun with entertainment, Here in BUS STOP he tried to make BOOTHU a new genre with no stuff…

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