Marc Forster’s Machine Gun Preacher (2011) Movie Review

Movie: Machine Gun Preacher
Actor: Gerard Butler, Kathy Baker, Michael Shannon, Michelle Monaghan, Souleymane Sy Savane
Genre: Action| Adventure| Biography| Crime
Director: Marc Forster

Machine Gun Preacher tells the story of Sam Childers, a man from Pennsylvania who wasn’t living life to the cleanest of ideals. He was a Hells Angels biker who was also addicted to drugs, alcohol as well as dealing, and his life was heading in a downward spiral, as were those of his wife and child. However at one point he turned towards religion and through that found the strength to clean up his life finding a job, turning his family life around, building a business and helping the community.

When his life was getting back on track he decided to build a local church and at the same time, after hearing from a foreign pastor visiting his local church, go to Sudan and help build an orphanage. There he discovered the plights of the children and families destroyed by war and began his own fight to save the children from the horrifying acts of the rebel fighters. However as Childers became more and more pulled to the plight of these children the more his home life deteriorated, and the more he realized the scale of the problem and how much help he could really give.

Gerard Butler is best known for his role in 300, and perhaps the forgettable romantic comedies The Bounty Hunter and The Ugly Truth. Butler delivered a truthful performance. Machine Gun Preacher is a movie tailor-made for Gerard Butler on the fantastic, but unfortunately little-known biography of Sam Childers, a rowdy biker, drug dealer and drug user who completely changes his life and becomes the only hope for thousands of orphans in Africa.

Michelle Monaghan is impressive. Souleymane Sy Savane underplays attractively. Michael Shannon (as Donnie) delivers a fine performance. Madeline Carroll (Flipped Fame) is good in her character.

Story of the film is inspired from REAL LIFE of Sam Childers is very inspirational and dramatic. Sam started out with the best intentions but the more he tried to do the right thing, the more he appeared to be crossing over to the dark side. Screenplay for Machine Gun Preacher, written by Jason Keller, really did feel like a bit of a rushed job in places. Like;

  • Transformation of SAM CHILDERS (Sinner-God Fearing-Mercenary)
  • Skipping main course of SAM life (You can see Paige grow suddenly)
  • Preaching scenes were Over Acted
  • Lynn at Shopping mall consoles SAM (Lacks Importance)
  • Hurried Climax

Asche & Spencer and Thad Spencer’s Music is supports the scenes. Roberto Schaefer’s cinematography is A-One rated. Scenes at SUDAN were effectively shot. Editing, by Matt Chesse, could have been crispier. Director Marc Forster developed a lot from his earlier flick QUANTUM OF SOLACE. He developed in shooting the ACTION episodes. He failed to narrate script in locking manner. Time flies faster than expected feels FICTIONAL sometimes. I understand they are trying to save time but you need the audience to believe what is happening. Machine Gun Preacher is not as TERRIBLE as others claim, a worth a watch movie on DVD. On the Whole, Sam Childers deserve a better biopic than this, and it’s a very interesting story to narrate.

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Survi Review: 2.5/5

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