Akash’s Yuganiki Okka Premikudu (2012) Movie Review

Cast: Aakash, Swetha Basu Prasad, Suman, Nisha, Kota Srinivas Rao, Satyam Rajesh
Music: Karthik Raja
Cinematography: Jaksi John
Story and Dialogues: Aakash, Sunder
Director: Aakash

Anandam fame Akash Directing – Acting – writing Screenplay for this “Yuganiki Okka Premikudu”. Kothabangaru LOkkam fame Shweta Basu Prasad is the female lead in the movie. Let us see whether Akash’s all-round performance places him on success track or not…

Gautam (Akash) a graduate drives auto along with his friends. He falls in love with Divya who happen to live in his apartments. However Divya rejects him. Later Gautham joins hands with Suman. But due to some unexpected situations, he leaves the place and goes to his friend Vinod’s Place. What happens next? What happened in Hyderabad? Forms rest of the storyline…

Akash is very casual; his character has no substance or scope for performing. Shweta Basu Prasad is adequate. Performances by Satyam Rajesh, Suman, Nisha are average, their roles lack direction. Characterization of every character is awful.

Story of Yuganiki Okka Premikudu inspired from various movies. It’s more like urban version of Karthi’s Malligadu. Screenplay and direction of Akash is in a bad taste. Other than the title track, songs are forgettable. Akash trying to involve in every major technical aspect, shows the result on screen. Cinematography by John is substandard. First half of the film is boring and the second half is pathetic.

There are bad movies. There are really bad movies. And then there’s this Yuganiki Okka Premikudu. Movie addiction compelled me to seek it out; just so I could see for myself exactly how dreadful can Akash direct a film. I got about 10 minutes into the Movie, before I suddenly developed an overwhelming urge to run out of theater. On the Whole, 2 thumbs down for Yuganiki Okka Premikudu, if I had a 3rd hand, I’d give it 3 thumbs down…

Survi Review: 0.5/5 [Respecting the GUTS of PRODUCER]

I still can’t believe I wasted my time typing and reviewing this garbage…

Theatrical Trailer:

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