G Nageswara Reddy’s Denikaina Reddy (2012) Movie Review


Movie: Dhenikaina Ready
Cast: Vishnu Manchu, Hansika, Sita, Suman, Prabhu
Directed by: G Nageswara Reddy

Action comedies have been a staple diet for filmmakers in Telugu cinema and after the stupendous success of Dookudu and Gabbar Singh, it sort of became a norm to dabble more with the genre. Vishnu, who scored a big hit with a trendsetting film like Dhee, has made a good comeback of sorts with Dhenikaina Ready It’s important that films, which fall under this genre, have a gripping screenplay, otherwise, there’s always a danger of them being termed as mediocre flicks. While the intention of delivering a comedy flick with a good dose of action is clear, Dhenikaina Ready lacks the pace in its narration, despite having as many as six writers on board.

Naidu (Prabhu) is shocked to hear that his sister Saraswati (Sita) is in love with Basha (Suman) and he totally loses his cool when his father dies after Sita gets married to Basha without the family’s consent. Many years later, Sita’s son (Vishnu) takes up the responsibility of uniting Prabhu and Suman, according to the wish of his mother. The rest of the story is about how he manages to achieve this feat.

Vishnu has done a decent job in the two different roles that he portrays. His effort clearly shows on screen, especially in terms of dancing. Haniska is alright, although she’s restricted to a glamorous role. Music by Chakri and Yuvan Shankar Raja is neat. The main highlight of the movie is the subplot involving Brahmanandam , MS Narayana and Surekha.

The film was promoted as a sequel to Dhee; however, it’s nowhere close to the bar set by the earlier film. Although G Nageswara Reddy, the director of the film, does a fine job in terms of evoking laughter, there’s an ubiquitous sense of deja vu. The film looks like a rehash of the director’s earlier films like Seema Sastry.

Dhenikaina Ready could have easily been the big ticket to stardom which Vishnu had been desperately hoping for. If only the film’s direction was as good as the pre-release buzz. It does tickle the funny bone, but doesn’t really live up to the expectations. Since the film is aimed at the family audience, its fate at box office will largely depend on how much they’ll appreciate the film in the next few days.

Vishnu Manchu’s latest film Dhenikaina Ready does evoke few laughs, but there’s an ubiquitous sense of deja vu while watching the film.

Survi Review: 2.5/5

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