Pon Kumaran’s Charulatha (2012) Movie Review


Cast: Priyamani, Skanda (Suraj), Seetha, Saranya Ponvannan, Arthi
Director: Pon Kumaran
Music: Sundar C Babu
Cinematography: Paneerselvam
Editing: Don Max
Censor Certificate: U

Priyamani’s most anticipated film Charulatha, in which she plays the role of conjoined twins is directed by Pon Kumaran. Charulatha is an official remake of Thai horror film Alone (2007). Movie simultaneously made in Tamil and Kannada. The Tamil version of the film is dubbed into Telugu while the Kannada version is dubbed into Malayalam. Makers of the film are planned to release Charulatha in all four languages simultaneously.

Let’s check out our version of Charulatha…

Charulatha is about the surviving sister, a formerly conjoined twin. 20 years teenagers were Charu (Priyamani) and Latha (Priyamani) together as conjoined twins before they were separated by doctors. Only Charu survived. Now she is a grown woman and plans to marry to Skanda. Their idyllic relationship gets cracks, as Charu’s mother (Saranya Ponvannan) suffers a heart attack and the past catches up with the family: Charu is now haunted by ghosts and apparitions Skanda sends her to a psychiatrist (Seeta), because he does not believe. Charu It is clear that she is not hallucinating: someone wants her to the collar.

The lead actor Priyamani has outdone herself with her dual role. Her intonations – mannerisms were too good and separated the two characters in a decent way. Malayalam actor Skanda is fine in his role. Seetha looks good as always a

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