Mysskin’s Mask (2012) Movie Review


Starring: Jiiva, Pooja Hegde, Narain, Nasser, Selvaah, Girish Karnad, etc.
Music Director: K
Director: Mysskin
Producer: N. V. Prasad, Paras Jain
Run Time: 160 Minutes
Certificate: U

Mysskin after his successful Anjathe, Nandalala and Yuddham Sei join his hands with Jiiva, who is struggling for a hit after his Super Hit Rangam last year. Mysskin claims that MASK is first superhero film made in SOUTH INDIA. Let’s check out the review…

Anand aka. Bruce Lee (Jiiva) is a Graduate who is specialist in Kungfu. he dont wanted to do a regular Salaried job so he tries to make his passion as his profession, He falls in love with Shakti (Pooja Hegde) in first Sight who is a daughter of a commissioner Gaurav (Nasser), Anand tries to impress Shakti with his Kunfu skills and he puts a mask on his face. On the other hand, Commissioner Gaurav (Nasser) tracks their prints of a Team of Hi fi Robbers, who rob in different places in a state for 9 months and later slip away for a while. Accidently Lee in Mask helps cop to catch one of the Team member from robbers. Lee goes to Shakti home to propose his love, but he gets arrested for shooting Gaurav. What Happened that night? How will Lee manage to get out of the case? Whether he wins his lady love Shakti?  Forms rest of the story line.


Jiiva has done well in this role that has lots of scope for emotions. He excelled in his action episodes. Pooja Hegde is okay in her character. She is not so impressive in her close-up shots. Narain is good as baddie villain. Nasser is fine as commissioner. Girish Karnad is good as scientist.


Mysskin came up with an interesting story idea. But he could not support it with engaging screenplay. Screenplay of the film is inadequate. Direction is not up to the mark. Narration of the film is saggy. Cinematography by Sathya is First rate. Dialogues are pretty fiddling. Dubbing is not perfect. Editing by Gaugin is alright. The songs picturization of the film fall short of what we expect after listening to Audio. Tony Leungs must be appreciated for his engaging Action Choreography. Jiiva and Narain went through special training under the supervision of experts from Shaolin Temple, China. The main Martial Arts team being trained at Chennai for 6 months. Even Gabriella Wilkins must be appreciated for Super Hero Outfit. Production values are grand.

Survi Review:

Mysskin inspires a lot from HOLLYWOOD; he probably went through successful Super Hero flicks and zeroed Nolan’s Batman Series for base of this Super Hero movie, Besides Action choreography, Cinematography and Mediocre Music. MASK failed in every aspect. The last half an hour of the film is very filmic and improbable. You can watch this film at your free time on DVD. It’s not worth your ticket.

Survi Review: 1.5/5

Theatrical Trailer:

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