Santha Kumar’s Mounaguru (2012) Movie Review

Cast: Arulnidhi, Iniya, John Vijay.
Director: Sandhakumar
Music director: Thaman S

Mouna Guru is a Tamil movie in which “Vamsam” fame “Arulnidhi” plays the lead role and the movie is directed by Shanthakumar. Mouna Guru’ has an upbeat film with all commercial elements injected.

The film revolves around college students, Arulnidhi who remains as a silent youngster bursts out when the law enforcement goes against the wrong side. That’s when the film takes a twist, then many bad incidents comes in his way. At one point he becomes physically broken, then how he overcomes is the end of the story.

Arulnidhi is apt for this character as a silent guy unbending to society. John Vijay surprised with his performance. Uma Riyaz reminded me of Frances McDor­mand from FARGO, she did a sensible job. Iniya as Aarthi is fine. Madhu, Balakrishnan and Krishna Murthy as Police crooks were okay. Even a dude at Rehabilitation centre did a funny job.

Music by Thaman S is pretty average. BGM is appropriate. Mahesh Muthuswami cinematography is superb; His work in the pre climax and climax episodes was natural. Dialogues are too crisp. Raja Muhammed’s editing could have been crispier.

Director Shantha Kumar proves his mettle with a decent crime thriller Mounaguru. Screenplay wise he is fine, but he failed in providing some upbeat script to this crime thriller. The main course Love episode was not fully satisfying, he just utilized it to make audience relieve from the deepening twists. First half of the movie is slow; introducing the scenario, second half of the film is too good with couple of twists and realistic end.

Survi Verdict: I was speculative when I heard movie starring budding actors is fetching some good talk in Tamil Nadu from a Friend, I was eagerly waiting for its DVD and Must say it didn’t disappoint me. Positives of Mounaguru are decent storyline, engaging twists, realistic direction and Cinematography. On the flip side, lags in-between and slow first half. On the whole, Mounaguru is a worth a watch movie.

Survi Review: 3/5

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